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The topic of the day was courage, and my conversation partners to singular admired women who have since two thousand seventeen been married to each other soccer icon, Abby Wambach is an Olympic gold medalist and World Cup champion Glenn Doyle entered the American imagination with the label Christian, mommy blogger, but she and her online blog base, mama. Sterry have transformed into something much larger a community of giving ready to respond when crises hit she ignites millions of followers through initiatives like love flash mobs as she says to turn heartbreak into action. What follows is a conversation about courage that is both serious and playful as it turns up in their lives apart and together from addiction to social activism to blended family parenting. I mean, going I talk a lot about this notion of despair. Sometimes she says that to our ten year old. Who has fallen down in a soccer game? She'll say no time for despair. I'm like. Kind of language are using real. This is a soccer game. Not a poetry reading. Trying to be nice about it. I'm Krista Tippett, and this is on being. Abby Wambach is the author of forward a memoir Glennon Doyle has written to New York Times bestsellers love warrior and carry on warrior, the power of.

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