Carlos, Ethan Klein, Youtube discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


Your stage where Carlos was speaking And every one of us has the power of poverty Yeah Carlos made his pitch for the auction very similar to the one he made to me that his NFTs would appreciate into a family nest egg a ticket to generational wealth Well that's not true What Don't you see some of the things that are going into the market and if these selling at home even knows enough these selling at $69 million There's this one part of the presentation that I can't stop replaying in my head When we all started watching this video being projected onto a screen on the stage Are you guys like crypto Bros Was that what kind of would you consider The day before the event Carlos and his team from metamorphosis had done an interview with Ethan Klein host of the H three H three podcast One of the most popular talk shows on YouTube This video which again is being projected at the club slowly turns into a roast I don't believe that Carlos owns the rights to that video Am I wrong How are you guys licensing that The actual person in the video is me But whoever took the video probably owns the license to the work right That's how that works They're exploiting who I am and they did it without my consent But it is ironic because it's called the redemption arc It would be funny if you guys have gotten legal trouble for this Yeah I'll be hilarious Hopefully the beds have a sense of humor For.

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