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Oh, sweet. You big ihop pancake burger. Would you see you have a guess, on the calorie count? I'm going to guess not knowing which one of the three but I'm going to throw out eleven hundred calories. You're low, but I would've guessed higher. I would've guessed it was over two thousand only only thirteen hundred calories. Okay. All right. Yeah. That's kind of what I thought. My initial reaction was twelve hundred but I don't know how big they are. You know, it's regardless, you shouldn't eat one not if you're concerned about your health. Yeah. I'm trying to get the rest of the particulars, also I have the. They should do. Are they going to be required to have like? A pitcher from the FDA of a skull, and crossbones. Got cigarettes like a picture of someone's lower intestine or colon. I downloaded the PDF of I hop nutritional information, but it's, it's incredibly long it's like a phone book. Why is that not surprising? Nobody's ever downloaded this before they wanna make the print so small so long that no one will ever read it. You don't want. No one reads, the fine print of what's in there. Pancake. Burger, Johnny interested to know the hot soups available at I hop, I'll pass on the hop suits. Unless I'm dipping my pancake burger into a hot soup which could be great combo ultimate steak burgers. Let's see. I don't know if they've updated it with the with the pancake burger yet. No, they're not going to do that until ordered by the government. Yeah. Okay. All right. So that's, that's what's going on. I hop for anybody who was waiting on pins and needles to find out what was happening, apparently I can order this online and then go pick it up. So. Ditch. The nutritional value chart. No, you retire. You're talking about the pancake night if I can put in my order, online and get overnight. Hop to go check out what's going on there. Okay. So in other health news this week, Danny, it was announced a new study tells us that good news coffee, drinkers, you could drink twenty five cups of coffee a day, and it's not bad for your heart. We sure that this seems like a lot seems like a lot. Yeah. Don't tell me that drinking. Twenty five cups of coffee is in back. I mean maybe it's not bad art by bit. There's lots of other things that it's really bad. Yeah. They're focusing on one part of very complex body or all of your organs need to be included in this study, not just one. It's like fifty cups of coffee is fine for your hands. It's like, well what about the rest of the body? Good news coffee, drinkers, drinking, twenty-five cups of coffee is not bad for your hearing, Dr. Okay. Good. Who was who funded this? I'm guessing it was big coffee. Starbucks starbucks. Yeah. I mean twenty five cups of coffee, a day is an obscene amount of coffee. I mean, I don't even think you're supposed to drink twenty five cups of water a day. That's, that's actually a really good point. Like they've water in at that amount is bad for you. I know it might be much. How many cups are in a gallon. Butts twenty twenty cups of coffee is an insane amount of coffee..

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