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Francisco. It is the Giants and the Marlins few moments ago, the national and performing The Star Spangled Banner. Please welcome the U. S. Army field band. All right. Well, that was very nice rendition of the national anthem back here Live had Oracle Park. That was from a few moments ago Giants in the Marlins, and it doesn't mean it does look like we're going to start on time. Everything is That up and ready to go, But it is wet right now. It's just a drizzle. But it's a very heavy drizzle that's falling on the surface is all around. The ballpark are really, really slick. So I looked to me like I think that was Greg Elliot James head groundskeeper who was talking with Marty Foster, the crew chief, holding up the phone, probably looking at some version of a radar the view we had even just a little while ago. Of the East Bay Hills Totally obstructed now. Bye. Rain that's moved in any way. Even with all that pitchers went through their warm up routines trust Ed Weiler, in fact, just finished his warmups. And here comes slogan Web and the Giants to take the field. So it could be a challenge here early in this game to stay dry. Keep a grip on the ball for the pictures, But we're gonna play on time here today. The Giants and the Marlins for the final time in 2021. Starting lineups begin with Miami nine and 11 just one game back in the nationally, he's jazz. Chisholm once again, the leadoff hitter and second baseman for the Marlins. Miguel RoHaas shortstop batting second, his U Sag Awards had a big Syriza. He's a first base, hitting third. Gary Cooper in right field cleanup hitter Kori Dickerson, the left fielder. Bats fifth. Adam Duvall, the former giant. Today he's in center field, getting six. John Birdy, a third base, hitting seventh. Chad Wallick doing the catching bats Eighth and the starting pitcher. We'll see how long he goes. He spent a lot of his career as a starter, but he hasn't been a starting pitcher for the last couple years. Ross debt Wyler, We've seen him. Several times out of the bullpen in these head to head matchups between James and the Marlins. Today, he's gonna start probably more like a no opener for the Marlins. He's on the mound to begin the game. One of the Giants 13 and ate two games back in the National League West Austin Slater is in center field hitting leadoff Mikey Strep ski the right fielder. Bad second Darren Rough in left field, hitting third Brandon Belt at first base is the cleanup hitter Wilmer Flores, a third base again in place of Evan Longoria. Hitting fifth. Tommy Costello, second baseman. Bad six. Curt Casali doing the catching. He is the seventh place it Mauricio Du Bon at shortstop, hitting eight on starting pitcher for the Giants. Big start for him because the beginning of the year has not been great for Logan Web he's made three starts is ER is 5.87. His fourth started The year comes today. Against the Marlins team. He has not yet faced 2021. This copyrighted broadcast is presented by authority of the San Francisco Giants may not be reproduced or retransmitted. In any form. The accounts of descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without the express written consent of San Francisco James Umpires. Marty Foster behind home plate. He's the crew chief Jim Wolf. At first Shane Live in Sparta. It's second on Mike Molinski, the umpire of third. Hollering even starts to lighten up Just a bit as we get going, Logan Webs first pitch. Here's John Miller on the first pitch is low and inside to jazz. Chisholm, who had spread around as if the bunt.

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