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War one and so then led to a lot of hate a lot of built on rage and i feel like there is a group of people in america that have a similar feeling. They feel like they have all this pent up rage and anger and they don't know where to target it and trump is pointing them in a direction and unfortunately it's sad to see a similar things happening in america right now. It's funny because i always. I actually kinda get mad at people getting mad at these people a little bit. Like the like my empathy meters a little too high. Sometimes where i'm like. Yes they're they're probably racist and they're probably awful and you know probably not a lot of good things. But the reason they're they're the fundamental reason is is one that is very very humid and the way the reason that this has happened to the way it has is someone has preyed on that vulnerability. Someone has preyed on their despair. The reason people are racists. Yes sometimes they just don't like the way people look but it's but a lot of it you know and maybe speaking out of turn because you know i'm not a political theorist from my own observation. Most the reason why a lot of people are racist in a movement is because somebody. 'cause things aren't good and someone said that if we blame these people things will be better. I don't know if you ever seen the big short heavy snow grow in the end of the movie. It's really good movie but in the end of the movie you know it's about the highest housing crisis about the housing bubble and steve carell. Scherzer says it's really smart thing where it's the housing bubble happened and everything burst right. And then obama help fix things right and then the banks went and started to do the same things exactly the same way again. And he says something. Were you know another care. Assistant like people are going to hold these people accountable and then he says no. They're not. They're going to find a scapegoat. Blamed poor people lay blame ignorance. they're gonna blame minorities. It's the people at the top lame these people and everyone's saying oh. Yeah that's it's this. It's this indoctrinating language that has been so prevalent for decades and decades and decades. I mean it's like yeah famously. Hitler was like. Hey here are the jews. Here's a scapegoat. And yes that is. That is exactly what happened in germany. Ed's you know it is the same thing happening now. I feel like they're pointing. The scapegoat now are minorities. Mexicans and black lives matter movement and yeah just like i've heard i've heard the word antifa used so much more on the right talking about what's happening on the left than the left about it like antifa such a small collection of a small amount of people. That might not be going about this the right way but it but that word. I've heard it so because because for better or worse. I always try to make sure to watch things from the right and the left. I i probably watch a lot more fox news than all to you and all of our friends because the way i need to look at everything is in a you know global round and i because i watched those things. That's why i think. I'm even farther than the left and oliver friends than a lot of them are but nick. I mean box is not even a a not anymore we move on from there to liberal fox's but the the amount that word at t.f comes out of their mouths is crazy with how much power they actually have. You know. yeah anyway. The people in power are trying to tell people without power that this other enfranchise group are there the enemy instead of looking to the people with power and see what they're doing with it and i can't help. I almost said this to our friends. But i decided i didn't want to say anything in the group chat until after we had this. Podcast is i. Think the thing. And this is the last time in a santa's 'cause i don't wanna get any more political but And you can say you like but for me. The thing about the situation that as me the most upset because obviously there's a lot of things to be upset about. This is the capital. The way people are treated aren't treated the exposition between these people and other kinds of protests. All things be reached about but the thing that outrages me the most is how jovial and happy fees invaders are that are have invaded the capital and all the pictures and all videos they mostly have smiles and they look happy and they look okay with everything happening. A real movement went when something happens. That's awful and you know when the boston tea party happened. When the massacre the start of the civil war when all these things happen those people who look happy. It's because an insurrection. Happens because of how angry you are and these people look like they're hanging out at the local columbus club like they don't they. Don't look to the yet. They don't look they don't look scared. They don't have the same sorta like skating against the power. They are not scared of the police. They're not worried about anything it's because they are privileged and they know that they can walk right into the capitol building and like they're not gonna be fucking murdered in in hundreds. You know and like. I feel like if anyone else did this. There would be piles and piles of dead bodies everywhere and it's upsetting and part this. Faux outrage that got. That's the that's what i mean like. Bowl now real thing that they're like at who you're showing up. They're going to congress. And they're like i mean they're bringing the capitol building and there's like hey are they going after. They're the ones in power right now. Like it's just so confusing And mind boggling and part of the was going to say like this is a political podcast and like we were talking about the fact that we're americans we live in this country. We can have an opinion on this shit. I don't fuck like whatever if anybody that comes over and listens to our cabaret episode and finds this little nugget of how we feel. Olympic wants to know more. Let us know. We have way more to say looking musical with nazis data and we have not seen in real life. It's fine we are allowed to talk about. It doesn't matter But the point. I was making with f. o. Outrage is i think this is just crazy. How this movie nails. What the whole you know conceit of the movie right is life happens when you're too busy at the cabaret right. That's the conceited movie with. If you're not watching the things around you only watching the things on stage the sedation elizabeth. The you know the nice things you go watch the marvel movies. Go watch the fun things you go wash that kind of stuff. Everything's gonna happen around you and the way that these people are in the audience is so much so how these people are that watching. This movie was top especially scary too. Because i feel like it was like Like you know when you turn the water on a frog and you make it hotter little by little felt like. That's what was happening fell. Mike things were by little and we just didn't realize until it's too late And i feel like it so hard to watch the film and then also see things going on currently in news that same shit. And i'm scared now too. I'm like oh fuck am i missing. Should i go. i don't am. I not seeing that. We are currently a part of something. That's going to be much worse soon. Oh i think. I think you totally hit why. I've been so anxious because because that feeling of do do we need to go now.

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