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Not always certainly the State Department says there hasn't been any terrorists coming across. This is day sixteen of the shutdown with no end in sight, a twenty nine year old father a three shot and killed outside. A Bronx housing project early. This morning Nelson. Ramos took a slew of bullets to the chest in front of the Monroe houses in SoundView. There's about four AM people who live in the Monroe houses say they don't feel very safe. There is. Sony development when no cameras. Why is everybody does have cameras, but does development frightens me? We working on our way to get out of here. Trying to stand. Neighbors say Ramos had been behind bars, but recently was released and took a job to support his family. Police say they have no motive for the gunfire. They have made no arrests. The New Jersey high school wrestler who was forced last month by referee to cut his dreadlocks to wrestle back on the mat? Again, Andrew Johnson was back in competition Saturday a viral video of Johnson being forced to cut his dreadlocks before being allowed to participate in a wrestling match enraged people across the nation and in his hometown of Wehner Johnson had a cover over his hair before that match administrators at Buena regional high. Where Johnson is a student say the referee who made him cut his hair will no longer take part in matches that involve the high school. Phil Hulett NBC News Radio a Muslim firefighter who said he was subjected to harassment and his firehouse over his faith. Has settled his lawsuit with New York City city settled with Rahim Hassan. Two hundred twenty four thousand dollars Hassan says the hostile work environment included, anti-black, racial slurs and co workers cooking food for communal meals that included pork, but lying to them and telling that was something else. President Trump says an al-qaeda leader behind the deadly. Bombing of the USS Cole has been killed in a tweet today. President Trump said Jomaa Bharati was killed in a US led airstrike in Yemen on New Year's day. Wwl war sports and the.

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