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He's barely back in their buddies of right handed catcher. So when he leans back is love hand is in their Nordstrom couldn't believe a dead center in front of the net. Tried to put it in the far side domain snatches it out of the air. Coyle wins. The offense is a off Krugel up point shots saved. It makes us a pushback year for the Bruins Charlie Coyle in the right corner. Heels for Carlo right point lightning. Cannot get it Charlie Coyle things for Bacchus left. David Backes, predded drop it to the point Sorolla intercepts. He's tied up by coil. Sorolla dislodged though or Straubing and Napa lot out to set up a lot of the zone slips for Alex Cora down the right wing crossed the blood barrels of the right corner. Coil is their core. Checks ever. Carlo follows up could clear held in by pitching our turning the right corner behind it. Still going left corner. Turn around try. Save made by Rask rebound by a lot. A lot looks to center it. It's taken away by Juki, Nordstrom for coil. Not a lightning out some chances. The chances have come fast and furious here the third Carlo in the near corner is checked by Sarah, Leah steal these colonial obstacle shot of the net. Rebound it's gonna pinball to Nordstrom. He rolls. It down the ice is maybe an icing. Let's see. Yup. He tried to punch it forward and go get it. But he didn't have enough gas in the tank, and he put it too far down the ice. Fifteen forty four left in the third one of the Bruins the most consistently effective line to the lightning and has been sometimes have been long stretches without any effect. And this has been the sorority caloric.

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