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Monster House percents. The death. Death is inevitable some furet some hope for it some deny it and yet it comes. Death is the secret subject of every episode of Monster. Talked the silent lurker waiting patiently in the quiet between our words and this episode. We're going to talk about the ways that the living have dealt with the dead over the ages how individuals deal with death is guided by how cultures and society deal with it in the history of the handling of human remains takes us from the sands of Egypt to the gardens of Europe to the very edge of space. This episode won't be for everyone. Statistically some of you will will be in mourning right now and may not want to ponder on wounds so raw and open and we understand. Perhaps you can come back to this one later when your grief is not so urgent. We'll be here. We're sorry for your loss last weekend. Thanks to my good fortune to work for an amazing company. I found myself in Key West Florida and I was able to get up before the rest of my family on Sunday morning and do one of my favorite things. I got to go walking alone in a cemetery. A few blocks from the hotel where we were staying was the key West Cemetery. It's a beautiful but crowded homes more than one hundred thousand dead or the three times the number of living residence on the island. It's a storied place and tranquil L. A. Walked among the graves I see joggers and bikers out past the gates. Dogs barked at their passing. Black Roosters pecked among the graves here. And they're striking striking memorial a line of poetry or some shockingly close birth and death would arrest me and my wandering all reminded me of a recurring theme.

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