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Works. I'm Cooper Lawrence, and this is all well and good. What's happened to restaurant launches, the pandemic, that's what? Even the nation's most venerable restaurants are adjusting to midday meal service post pandemic. Tracy vought owns 5 restaurants in the Houston area. We stole on the lunches during the week, mainly due to people working from home. Despite management's best efforts, office occupancy rates overall have plateaued at half of pre-pandemic levels. Houston has the additional issue of having the highest vacancy rate downtown in the country. So she's made adjustments. At one of our restaurants we're only open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday day. And there aren't always as many choices. Some cases, the menus are a little smaller. Deborah Rodriguez. CBS News. Her father Robert Townsend directed a comedy classic Hollywood shuffle now sky Townsend stars in a new MTV comedy flick pretty stoned. And basically followed two girls that worked together that do not like each other at all. They're forced to combine forces when they lose $20,000 worth of weed. Sky town learned her comedy chops from her dad, Robert Townsend, who wrote directed and starred in the 1987 cult comedy classic Hollywood shuffle. It has really held up. It was such an intelligent piece of work. It was really silly, but what he had to say in it, and just the way that it was shot. And the way that he did it all for credit cards and then went to make a hit, if he's an OG, he's a pioneer, and so anytime I need advice, he is my first call. Here are full channel my podcast beyond the fame, Jason Frey, W two B news. Sports hit 25 and 55, powered by maximus, moving people and innovation forward. And add to 55 years Frank hanran. D.C.

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