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Or finance or anything like that now obviously chemical engineering was useful for a company like ge especially back when you joined it but can you talk for a minute about engineering as a background generally for leading a company well i think critical thinking is always important and an engineering degree lead you to critical thinking so my view of a phd is you always going down blind alleys to get a solution to a thesis and it was the most helpful thing i ever had you not doing road homework assignments with the teacher feed you and you feed it back you're working on unknown paths to try and find a solution and that thinking is very helpful in management as you became a manager were you biased toward other engineers and promoting them no i don't think so i don't think so i i i always look for the brightest most aggressive self confident people i could find and the third one was important because they they speak back to you when you haven't crappy idea they had you that now what do you do if someone's got all the smarts and talent in the in the world but doesn't have either the aggression or the self confidence you know there are a lot of timid people out there with great ideas do you how do you not waste poten how do you not waste their talents well you've got to you you don't think about them for promotions you think about them.

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