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He's a lot of things but borings not one of them smart stupid idiotic brilliant genius unrealistic this is the pony express ballclub you know we know what it takes this time of year in order to win and you know we want to get back to that regardless of what everyone's saying the war is lost it together they can't win without steph they're not saying blase blase blase blah blah blah you know we know we're capable of and so you know there's been games we've want without steph series same kevin myself you know we've learned games myself we want games without clay we won games without our here coach and so now we're problem for this and i think a lot of people have tended forgot what we're capable of we know and we're going to show them here's andrew phillip pony that was golden state dirty player i think i want to go with golden state golden state draymond green talking about how the warriors have been sold short that some in the media some fans have forgotten how how good they are some people have written them off or have picked against them because of the steph curry injury and here's draymond green after the warriors beat a watereddown diluted spurs team here he is afterwards with the mike and his hand like chiding chiding reporters or chiding the media for discounting golden state it's this kind of stuff that makes me root against the warriors shut up.

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