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Became a different position that said um i think that these issues of addiction or quite real her and uh um you know if you few asking a young people you can't reno read a book vermont's you can't you know um uh watch tv for onto campion your phone for a day and so this is the the center of all the disruption and uh you can imagine that in any crowd i think that wave recedes though in suddenly suddenly vote the facebook threat to your to your business the digital threats your business goes away because some combination of socially it's less acceptable to play on phones and the government regulates at or or well these are this this is addiction people can help themselves let's be clear okay so as not just you know leaving your phone at home um i it's hard to imagine yeah that's government would actually get involved but um if you read you know um uh the four by scott gallo a someone i i've known for a long time um there is a case building debts suggest that these companies need closer scrutiny where that goes exactly what happens obviously is happening in europe less less happening in the united states but it it all fits i think into the next chapter of digital uh the big companies on the small companies phillips let's talk about that we you were you were eager to predict doom for for many companies the digital space and by the way you guys have made a lot of vestments and and some of the bigger players right who have inra up on and buzzfeed vice versa uh and these are all similar companies the role of hansang our own 2018 scan look like for them and you in your one of them say not you three clear you didn't specifically forecast doom for your portfolio companies but admitted i want to be so it would be less politika normally are but you're saying there's gonna be a la uh we've we've had we've had hints of it in 2017 you think more to come 2018 well the nature of the business um in in obviously there's do we've all seen and are how many innovations of the digital world um in the last 20 25 years so elina businesses with no beer.

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