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Mm you're listening to us dream of wlsam 890 all of these john imre chris fled and rush limbaugh and steve jobs loss award winning news traffic and weather at the top and bottom of every hour also though proud home of the white sox faced waldner should cargo bowls wlsam 890 blue no no in wall wall walk so the united states of america has more than six thousand nuclear warheads six thousand eight hundred nuclear warheads we have intercontinental ballistic missiles in silos bases around the united states we have submarinebased nuclear weapons we have nuclear weapons that can be launched from airplanes delivered by by way of airplanes and north korea has a few nuclear weapons they've tested a couple in the ground and they've been launched a couple of ballistic missiles with some limited but increasingly capable missiles and uh president trump and and look kim has been threatening us and all i've got a button on my desk he doesn't have a button on his death they don't have those kind of missiles yet uh but he obviously as interested in threatening freedomloving people and america and the west and the world with nuclear weapons with the use of nuclear weapons and then god forbid president trump should should slap him back into his little thrown and and uh tell him to sit down and shut up which is entirely appropriate now what are we are weak a quaking in fear of china they have many more nuclear weapons than than north korea does russia has about seven thousand nuclear weapons are way sitting her quaking in fear of that if they rattled other separate us what we say oh no don't threaten us were so afraid about all of the fru frozen the media and the democrat party but i repeat myself are apparently intent on quaking in fear through all of this oh no there quite afraid well president trump tweeted this morning on the subject now he did tweet the other day i've got a button on my desk to minds bigger and mind works and that's an important point and i have no doubt that the north korean regime including a kim looked at an said well yeah he's is right about that they've got many thousands of nuclear weapons and all kinds of delivery systems and and we don't so they should take that into account they should put that in their cracked pipe.

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