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A wealth of knowledge and skill to this position green earned eight the s degree from middle tennessee state university and an ms degree from tennessee tech and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in education manchester police responded to a motor vehicle accident on thursday afternoon around two thirty at eleven o3 woodbury highway according to a report by officer daniel bray when he arrived on the scene the 1994 gmc truck was fully engulfed in flames manchester fire and rescue arrived extinguished the flames the report as on to say that paramedics came to the scene and confirmed that terry land bonn age 48 of shelly road manchester was deceased race states in his report that a witness said that the truck was headed west at a high rate of speed on the what very highway the witness went on to state that the vehicle never hid its brakes before striking a wall land sign up shortstop market and a mehta lake caught fire by standards attempt to extinguish the blaze but the fire continued to build the crash scene was cleared by round four thirty a flint little woman was arrested on drug charges by manchester police last week alicia suzette birds twenty nine of flint they'll was charged with manufacturing delivering possession of a controlled substance possession of scheduled to drugs possession of legend drugs without a prescription and illegal possession of a weapon on september twenty six manchester police officer devon day ford responded to a welfare check at speedway market on oak dr birch.

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