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Well you would think that the maoists proximate threat to american national security woods elicit a all hands on deck approach to management unfortunately that's been missing for the reasons you've identified there is not an ambassador there is not a confirmed assistant secretary of state very critical roles for managing this complex ever moving challenge and it just has a self limiting effect on her ability to influence outcomes um we have a great team of diplomats in seoul who do an excellent job but there's limits on how far they can reach within the south korean brock racine in the blue house without he confirmed investor in place so it's elimining effort on our part now in early january seoul and pyongyang announced that they had agreed to begin bilateral talks and this was sparked in part by the timing of the olympics and the question of north korean participation they all perks and one point the united states wasn't going to persuade than we were not we're gonna set of pressure on forex we've been all but all of them up on us how significant is the start of bilateral talks between seoul and pyongyang i think any dialogue between north korea and south korea that could minimize any miscommunication or miscalculation between the two sides is a good thing and there's a lot of consternation in washington about how pyongyang is trying to drive a wedge between us and south korea but whether or not pyongyang drives a wedge between us and south korea is not up to pyongyang it's up to washington and seoul and i think the president moon as a pretty pragmatic leader and he said outright that he's not going to naively rush into concessions or negotiations were pyongyang is in the driver's seat and the us side has come out in support of the talk so anything that i think reduces tension between the two koreas and if it leads to north korea participating in the olympics great i know that south korea has been very concerned about the olympics especially given the ambassador to the un nikki haley comments about possibly you know pulling out us athletes senator lindsey graham comments about a seventy percent chance of a military strike on north korea.

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Assistant Secretary, Seoul, Olympics discussed on Intersections

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