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You're welcome. New York Fashion Week has begun. The shows are still mostly virtual. It's been a pretty strange year for fashion, the things we are buying arm or about comfort than couture. But with mass vaccination in progress, what comes next marketplaces, Marielle Segarra reports. If things go according to plan some time this year, Life will start getting back to normal, thanks to the vaccines and Michael Landrigan at the fashion College l. I am says eventually the bars of the open the restaurants or the open. People will be going to weddings with 150, plus people as opposed to small numbers, and people will buy new clothes to wear to these events. Into their offices. If they still have offices. The question is, what will they buy? Because, well, a lot of us have gotten used to this whole elastic waistband. Comfortable shoes thing. We've been doing it now for close to a year. So I think that there's going to be a continuation of that. Maybe we'll see dress codes that offices loosen up. Comfort is here to stay. Bronwyn Cosgrave is host of the fashion podcast a different tweet. But if you notice the way people are reacting when they get vaccinated, there is this tremendous sigh of relief and she thinks that'll be expressed in clothing. Dresses, bright colors. Whatever makes people feel like they're celebrating. Marielle Segarra for Marketplace. U. S markets are closed for President's Day Marketplace.

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