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Hey goes by sue. No wow ballots. Production looks pretty so shadow to gameboard this from last week. But you saw this. We haven't talked about it here. The fi- over five minutes. Staredown with tyson fury and walter. Let me see it. Let me see the awkwardness. The stir each other down for a long time and then also got tillerson fucking shit. Yeah he looks like he's on a mission man. I guess he didn't want to answer a lot of questions. He had the the headphones on the entire time. But tyson fury answered a bunch of questions known better on the mike tyson. Fury yes combat. Sports always looks never. You know he's not gonna win mr olympia. Do you know that story between tyson fury and klitschko like they went to the same song together and then tyson. Fury didn't wanna leave before klitschko 'cause it was like a mental war on the state in that so the quick actually left and then tyson fury said that's when he knew he would beat on jesus curve naturally so that's why he pardoned leave here. I think one went leaf starts if you're wouldn't leave the outer. I infused my favorite fighter in all sports. And i just have a weird feeling deontay wilder and get it done. I don't have no reason to bomb. I don't know what it is. Yeah and tyson. Doesn't somebody a wounded animal. Backed by corner with all new. Coaching has something you know. He knows how important this fight is. Fury didn't seem as into it now. At this time is a little different. He was partying a little bit more before he was just completely so bothers me man. Yeah one man's on emission. The other guys fat and happy literally. Happy muffin tops. Yeah against the fucking furious though. But god i don't know man that's what makes it exciting to see the line if you're a winning decision don't you twisted thing that goes decisions Fury beat the fuck it. I'm but while wilders gonna win by knockout. If if he went. Yeah for sure fights in the end of july twenty fourth. I think same time. I'm in vegas. I just lined up shows in vegas august twelfth or thirteenth july twenty four. Oh thank you. Yeah tickets for vegas be on sale doing the gophers comic ever to headline the new wise guys in vegas. You said august august while fleet weet invasive. Hot second at one time brian. That's right yeah we were doing cat. Came running is fun. Okay air coke. Moreira coke yes. He has eighteen months sanctioned for violating ufc anti-doping policy. He took something called the nozzle nausea law yet. The straight up steroid. Yeah so he won't be back until i think this is april twenty april twenty twenty two. Hud second yeah. I'm seeing find a long time to the now he remarried came up super hot. Kinda fell off. He's on pedestals team. I think rufus yup yup. Yeah he fell. He was like super super pale. Yup teamed up with the spray tan. Business whatever they move got darker he's also added. He's five five in the blasted. Looks good. yeah. I mean we'll have to stand all had some supplements but now no more. This one sucks. I just saw this. There's not many details with this. But louis paint violent bob. Ross i liked vilem. yeah ross. So he's charging seems really nice. He has a really cool story to you. Know he was adopted and found his his biological father through that ancestry. Dna thing move. Yeah and they reconnected. Who happened them. Now there's not much details on it but it says Robbery charge robbery and battery and they even like two days before this happened. He wrote this on his twitter two days before. Yeah people aren't comfortable talking about this. But i've been going through some serious mental health issue my life and finally gained strength to get except Help i need help. I've needed a long time. If you're struggling take from me reach out. Eatery shot the right people. I mean who knows when he actually got the the arrest or when this actually happened but he was arrested on friday. God that's a bummer. So robbery by sudden snatchings classified third failing florida and it's punishable by up to five years and five thousand dollars hopefully as well tragic. Yeah this is big news. We're talking about ariel money was gonna move from. Espn to something else. So there's a little more clarity now he's going to be joining bt sport. He's going to have his own youtube channel and he's bringing back. The mayor open multiple podcasts. And things went one on spotify and then the hours different your network or different hosting site. That'd be good. i want. Who's gonna do that with He said he can t sport guys the car and the best in the business. Yeah so this team for sport is an emmy or with them. He's joining a may fighting to jimmy our and then deal with homeboy. The right i love again the right and then the guy the bottoms great to all of them they are all that whole squads fantastic kc a pd. The editor pd's editor. Dan hardy carolyn carolyn very tears. Yep michael business. Had castro's fucking amazing the up his being there to they got a great team there. Yeah so he's doing more like you kind of mentioned before kinda doing his own thing and also joining so he's going to do his own. Mma our own that yeah and on his own channel. I think mayor he's going to do with ms fighting or espy nations. Something like that and then he has his own podcast that he's coming out with on his own youtube channel which is own most likely everything it'd be good doing all this other side stuff to be. Good yeah so it's more like independent seems like bt sports.

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