Phil Rucker, Barack Obama, Fever discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod - Ep. 185 - Karen Tumulty


My colleague phil rucker showed up in an event and the next thing you know he's being invited to have lunch with trump so you know it it is uh there's a codependency with the media and trump uh that i think is also something that future historians are going to have a lot of interesting when you you've spent a lot of time writing about the political moments in which we have been um this one is obviously unusual not just because of trump but because of the extraordinary polarization that we have uh we're have you been able to give much thought to where you think this is going is the trump is this a is this a an epic that will pass and and politics will return to where it was or will he become a model for future candidates who carol much less about political parties than about their own persona i find it hard too figure that one out i i remember you know during the two thousand twelve campaign barack obama's favorite phrase seemed like it was break the fever you know that that an election could could break the fever could serve reset everything back to normal and it's a sweltering right now and you know then one cycle later it's anything but breaking the fever so what exactly comes along to stop this this cycle this sort of frenzy that we are in i can't it seems like it would have to be some.

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