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I'm Deborah Rodriguez to former leaders of a veteran's home in Massachusetts are facing criminal charges in the deaths of more than two dozen residents during the pandemic. W B Z radios Karen Regal as the story it never should have happened from an infection control standpoint, Attorney General Maura Healey says A grand jury is indicting former Holyoke soldiers home had been at Walsh and former medical director Dr David Clinton on 10 counts each of criminal neglect. They were the ultimate decision makers. They were ultimately responsible for the deadly decision to consolidate these two units. General Healy says she believes these are the first prosecutions in the country to come from a covert 19 outbreak in a nursing home. Another state is seeing a surge of Corona virus cases behind bars. CBS's Jim Chris ULA, Oklahoma Health officials are struggling to contain Kobe 19 outbreaks in several prisons. Seven lock ups are listed as Corona virus hot spots, which means at least 20% of inmates have tested positive for Corona virus. The deaths of at least 12 Inmates and staff members are thought to be covert 19 related. On the same day the number of Kobe cases in the U. S top seven million Florida governor Rhonda Santis is lifting all social distancing restrictions on restaurant. We are today, moving into what we initially called Phase three on what that will mean for the restaurants is that there will not be limitations. From this. The state of Florida in Washington Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg casket carried away from the U. S Capitol. After she became the first woman and the first Jewish American to lie in state Rabbi Lauren Holtz's flat officiated All of the days of your life. You must pursue justice..

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