Packers discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Brainy certainly do it's playoff time we say this every week for fall the Packers presented by west in the server lining the only stipulation was to number one have fun in number to bring home a victory of the utmost importance this week because it is win or go home time and Gina in Watertown is tasked with bringing home the victory hello Gina is is you know me yeah I can you know what's going on how are you this morning pretty good I'm already at work me what do you do to work on a Friday you're supposed to take an early weekend you got plans over the weekend you know you're supposed to be rested up all my gosh you're heading up to label you're following the Packers to the playoff game present of our friends it was been the silver lining some thank you have you ever been to a playoff game for Gina never all you're gonna love it it's so exciting the excitement level just goes through the roof now I ask this question to our follow the Packers winner every single week you gonna take up there with you this is a big time decision you have to make now I will be taking my husband Mike very good will Mike can you are going to have a great time up at Lambeau field the only stipulation every week you know is that you have to bring home a win and it's even more important this week because it's the playoffs is when I go home that's right and we'll do our best to bring home that went well we appreciate a cheer loud have a lot of fun of course be safe driving up and traveling back with the snow coming this weekend well certainly check in with you on Monday after hopefully attackers victory all right thanks again there you go it's Gina in Watertown are follow the Packers when are we appreciate our friends west bend the silver linings while hooking up fans all season long and hopefully we can do this again next week qualify five more for NFC championship game tickets hotels the tailgate party that's a good deal from west in the silver lining partners all year long and follow the Packers India and like you said hopefully this is not the last time we do this I'd love to do this start racking up another five qualifiers starting Monday morning aids or aids and could be another west coast trip as well San Francisco may be on the docket once again little revenge game for the Green Bay Packers and a potential NFC championship game so nice to get out of us know we Wisconsin in in January to head to the Packers play on the on the west coast in San Francisco or the dreaded but certainly not food Minnesota Vikings at one of the whole of the US is that when you don't you're right and the Packers and Vikings with ever played for an NFC championship before not to get cards before horses here they have met in the playoffs before that was the Randy moss game is remember yeah that was hard to watch Joe Webb to your jail at all yeah that's right the B. is there a little bit history of what it would be fun to see all you remember Joe I don't know I've got a lot of weird useless knowledge stop the spread of mine where is Joe Webber today I don't know it's it's Joe webs name is stuck right the middle of all the other song lyrics that I usually stored it twenty six Beatty's their first playoff run yeah sign.

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