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Welcome back into the met lombardo show. This is going to be a lot of fun. Couple of former penn state legends. Couple of well one's a former linebacker linebacker giants linebacker cam brown and lions fullback. Jason cabinda join me guys. How's it going today. it's going well. It's going real will join my time out here when our day new york man. I see that you guys were out shopping around with. Take me through your day up there. In new york today had a nice little day The walkway a lot of gear got to meet with people from different companies are kind of their nyc headquarters of some really good deal. You know cool calm marketing opportunity that kind of stuff osce promotion with through social media so also. That's a lot of fun jason. You know before we get into all the football stuff. I know that you were teammates. With carl nasa borba penn state and obviously his big announcement coming out making history and a lot of ways as the first openly gay active. Nfl player in the league. You know first of all just your reaction to the news and you know how monumental with is this for the whole league and for people who now see a role model who looks like them feels like them and isn't ashamed to be out in. The world is cooler called it out and like you said is video fleets not some. That'll be a necessarily happen. We're in a place that you're comfortable enough to do that. He felt comfortable enough. I'm glad it teammates around him. Support him all we can do in this really comforting and reassuring to see the reaction around the league and you guys former coach. James franklin wrote the ten thousand dollars donation to the trevor project. Everybody seems to be stepping up to the plate. And you know cam one of your current. He made some both your former college teammate. Saquon barkley coming back from the acl. rehabbing. I'm sure cam you probably saw him around the building during not as minicamp. What can you tell us about saquon in his road. Back right now i can tell you saquon. Being saquon save on does best is working every day him. Yes do and that's all. I can really say on the topic of opium gets and jason. You and i chatted a little bit ago a couple of months ago and you know it was kind of limbo back then about whether you were going to stay linebacker or move back to the offensive side of the ball playing fullback. And you know now that you've been on the field in practice and ota's as many camp you know. You're li blocker in a lot of ways for the andre swift this year you know. What did you see from him. A year ago is a rookie..

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