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So we need to know when the show out we have the opportunity to help for transfer in this in this nation I understand that this is not about me this is about Helen Keller hello we can do very little get the we can do so much no more generational multi gender multi racial no me every people when store owner ordinary extraordinary things begin to happen we are going to do this to have somebody we need to the young and you know these folks only about nobody but the young folk from the youngest no we we need you to come out of somebody that you will come out well we'll show you my grandmother's always show you bet and I can tell you a little somebody and we are going to show them so I need you to do something for me do you live for them for yourself not to my absolute once had the courage to stand up for yourself and in the courts for somebody else can you look to him for somebody else with both it'll stand up in the air I want you to re imagine I want you to imagine positioning but everyday people of this nation and what they have right now I want you to imagine having a champion the White House okay Medicare for all all with medical we we will be able to do this.

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