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CBS. I'm Megan goldsby in Nevada where a couple has turned their love of photography and their skills and engineering and meteorology into a local business like no other. College football Saturday Stanford takes on Washington state at 1230 this afternoon later on at 7 30, Cal and USC and San Jose state and Colorado state. Also at 7 30, hockey action, the San Jose sharks take on Anaheim and game 6 of the World Series with the Astros up three games to two over the Phillies it will take place just after 5 this afternoon. More sports now with Steven Langford. Just after his second game in the red and gold, forty-niners running back Christian McCaffrey was named the NFC's offensive player of the week after reaching the touchdown trifecta with one passing, one receiving and one rushing. NFL analyst Brian baldinger was on our Odyssey sister station 95 7 the game, saying that McCaffrey has found new life in San Francisco after playing with the Panthers since 2017. On a bad team, he comes to San Francisco where the culture of star players on the team. He's never been in a situation ever. So for him, it's like he got out of, you know, he got out of jail. He's like a free man. And with the forty-niners talent through players and coaching, this will be a version of the 26 year old that we have never seen before. I just think the excitement is just beginning. You say, okay, they gave up a lot for running back, but he's more than running back. Yeah. He's this playmaker that hasn't really had a chance. We know the numbers and the stats. We haven't really seen him with an offense like this. And with playmakers around him like this. And how he can really magnify everything that they have. With the forty-niners trading running back Jeff Wilson junior to the dolphins, we should see McCaffrey's workload increase in the second half of the season. At the sports desk, Steven lankford case CBS. Don't lose access to your favorite news in

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