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Msci emerging markets index as well as very strong earnings momentum we see coming from interest rate hikes costcutting delivery on growth really it's also about this epa well angle and i think that's something to watch emerson be right now screens by far and away as the most attractive investment amongst the media talking here about forty five percent of the total return potential and everett's nbd i wanna say to saudi arabia where we're seeing a lot of enthusiasm and excitement you've been bullish on the banks and financials there for quite some time do you remain with that view or has it slightly shifted to a more neutral position because of the rally that's taken now nimh expansion for them in the coming on so greater name expansion greater cost control loan growth accelerating on the back of an expansionary budget all of these things we've talked about before plus oil prices could be on their way to eighty dollars in the short term it is and with the index inclusion events i think is difficult not tone them very british case put forward thank you so much for being with us about myself return.

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