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Loans in a car or to take us back twelve months who sat down with who and said today's that we make a change. It was always my thing the head of the organization. Yeah so can i. Can i ask you a personal question so you lose your job that the the research tells us that the psychology of a job loss is can be similar to the loss of a loved one. It's a heavy trauma. Both psychologically spiritually to to our ego right. Yeah then your wife comes to you and says i'm i'm in charge now. What about that situation a lot of guys. I've talked to over the years would turtle up. Would puff their chest out and say hey hang on. What about that. situation said. you're right. Let's do this. Never thought that she wasn't right. You know it's not you know. Pride has step to the side. Whenever you're doing something like this you know When the pandemic kids had to stay home too so someone had to be there anyway. It's kinda was like a curse and blessing kind of you know very cool to be there. You know we have to do whatever you can be for the girls as i just. It's bigger than just us so and it can be very isolating for anyone those go through this because even if you don't like your job or you love your job you know that's social interaction that you're missing out on the absolute can be very tough to replace. Whenever you have a six and a two year old. I don't know man. I know some workplaces where that's about the caliber of. Actually i do absolutely so you get on the program. Tell us about the last twelve months. Yeah just working really hard. I at the time. That the pandemic kid. I had been working part time because we had two kids and so just working lot. Dade christie's business boutique So i had my little side hustle repairing american girl dolls. And i ended up. Yeah gutting getting a lot of business. A lot of people are sitting at home needed repairs done so america what it costs to get an american doll repaired. Well i've done repairs for up to about two hundred dollars for one doll depending on the age of the doll and what it needed repaired so i had to get stitches on my live child once for about two hundred bucks kind of annoyed by the way to go to get rid of these guys are expiring so you basically just crushing it. I'm gonna take care of all become the ceo this house and we'll make who's biggest cheerleaders my parents for sure My mom was the one hit spot. Fpu years ago. When i took at our church. And so they've always been you know the for the forefront for us and I mean just each other as cheerleaders get exasperated about something and he. I mean he's just my rock. He's there for me like he picks me up like we do. I mean it sounds cheesy. We complete each other lake. It's you know. God put us together for a reason so i really feel like you know. It's just it's we've been perfect for each other assets. Just you know one of the things that we did before. Even though we were living davish we didn't. I don't personally ever spend a lot of money. I've never had a credit card my whole life. So it's you know. Just you know kind of frugal that way but we do like to eat out so that kinda took a backseat and start making everything at home from scratch. torty is from scratch at. We gotta do it. Good wholesome person with integrity and character. Does i like tacos right. Would you tell people the key to getting out of debt is i would just say sticking together. Have your person make your budget be intentional with it. you know. We read rachel's book. And i just i wondered. Why am i going to target like. What is the point of being there and spending this money you know so just. The intentionally of everything is really what helped just supporting each other. It's is. I've always had an issue with the all or nothing mentality and it's real easy to be defeated everywhere. It's like if it's not working out. It's like well we'll just do something. Different guys like that one foot in front of the other eaten elephants one bite at a time. You know so dave says. He reads the tortoise and the hare every year and every year he reads it. The the the tortoise wins every time. So what's it feel like to be debt free. It's amazing shortly afterwards. We had some major car issues which you know maybe a year ago would have been who knows what would have happened. You know maybe would have had to turn that other wayne go deeper into debt but now you get a twenty hundred dollar car repair and it's like oh we've got going. It's fantastic so so see two little wins. Sophia emma stage girls beautiful beautiful. So sweet for you got to watch. Because they're wearing matching dresses. And america. Needs to see the cuteness right. Now and i know you'll know this but the stress and uncertainty and fear of the l. faced twelve months ago thirteen fourteen months ago because you live like no one else for twelve months. Those two beautiful beautiful little girls will never know. You've changed their entire legacy and they'll enter into college into their marriage is debt free and i'll have a piece that their peers won't understand because the work y'all did this year. I'm so grateful. You guys so robin. Anna and sophia in mo from phoenix arizona. Paid off twenty six thousand seven hundred dollars. Twelve months making fifty five to a repairing american dolls. Eighty five thousand dollars. Count it down for your debt. Free scream three two one. we're.

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