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And the kid, he's won it at every level. You hate to see him go out the way that he did, and you saw the emotional embrace with John Howard, who is known for, forever long as he is. There were pieces that played beyond the narrative and part of the reason I kind of slowed push them up on a level two is the size, and he hasn't had quite like the struggles with bigger defenders as I anticipated as the year wore on over time. Yeah. Now he hasn't. I thought he played great. I thought he was a much better defender at the point of attack. He's been and it's the length too. He's fast and has the length despite being small, so he gets in those passing lanes. You want to cheat like a little bit less but he's really good instincts to be like one pass away from the ball and jump that land. Yeah, no, I agree. It wasn't a smell for kill abuse and it was a steal. Three rebounds. Knowledge. That was a good scout. Two turnovers too. Yeah. That does count. These hook four shots. No, you know what? We're podcasts here. That would be a trillion. That wouldn't be a Snell. We're not doing that. We're doing trillion for our boss. We are a trillion podcast. We are trillion podcasts. We are definitely a turning podcast. Shout out. Good friend of the program, Mark Titus. I will say he should go back to school. Does he though? Yes. Let's do this exercise real quick. I'm just going to rattle off some names. You say, towards the segment here, should I stay or should I go? Jeremy sell him. He should go. Malcolm Brown. He should at least test and probably end up going. Bryce McGowan's is gone. He announced that today. Yes. Patrick Baldwin junior. Test. And see, see how it goes, I think. Blake Wesley. I think he should go back. Excited too. And then I think that it's more because I think he's sealing if he goes back, works through the decision making progressions works through the processing speed of the game, continues to improve his shot. I think his ceiling is going like 7 or 8 next year. I think it comes out this year. It's probably like 25. And like not a guarantee to go 25, I don't think either. No, no. He could slide you're hoping for a multiple first round pick ish type team or like a guarantee at 32. We say, we'll take you and statue, but it gets spooky around that range like you never know. The parts I was worried about Blake Wesley, we saw against against Rutgers. We saw in the second game where and the game he goes left and goes to the rim and gets blocked and called defenders are great. It's different than the NBA. I admired that he wanted to have that weight on his shoulders, but he didn't quite deliver the shooting has been as good the last three, four games. I agree with that one. Kennedy Chandler, you say, go back and the last one, I'll leave you with is can you Chandler go back to school? Did I say it? You say go back or test. I would absolutely test it. I think you should probably go. I don't know if you should go pro, but I would venture if he goes.

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