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You see note written here and I've got an Andrew luck no written here and I've got to actually a tennis note from a local product tonight I've got Tyler Malley down on the farm so the whole lot on the other side of my page tonight it may when you consider what Sonny graded in what Freddy Galvis continues to do for this team and what Nixon Zell may be getting back to with this team that that supply some juice for me they're sixty one sixty nine they break a three game losing streak tonight they win sixty three Sonny gray go six innings of two hit two run baseball he's backed up by the rains in in backed up by Iglesias who of course made an interesting of the night but the win by three not one not one remained but three and now the hand the ball to Luis Castillo tomorrow the cardinals are winning tonight may have won the me refresh they have so there will be gained ground gained from that standpoint I I feel as though that that spotlight that was a big on the rates of the start of the season has been narrowed a little bit with each loss with each losing streak in there a little bit more about the sweep over the weekend but my spotlight now kinda hones in on what they can do with the final thirty two games of the season and what performances are going to be delivered over the final thirty two games that are going to mean something for this team to carry into the offseason in terms of planning for the twenty twenty season that's my set up tonight let's see what we can do it at five.

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