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D. damage right. You might better right. And and and i'll give him a better handle but again. It's not like you know that much better. Ayaan is his handle is not a detriment him he handles it find as so i'm really looking at shooting and if it's all about shoot i'm not picking dude who gonna win the skills competition at the nba all star weekend. I'm not picking win a game of horse. If it's all about shooting. Larry bird was always better than kareem. Dark viscous better than his shack is about dominance and this year yon is dom was more dominant than anybody. This is actually. It's a great topic. And i try to stay away from best disembodied stack because it's all it's all personal narrative. Nowadays right with social media allows everybody to put their own opinion. But i'll give you these names. These are in the conversation for the best players in the nba. Today right now. of course. Janas ecorse kevin durant. I still think. Kawhi leonard i know. He's not the marketable guy. he's not too talkative guy. And he's not the look me guy but when you just when you put him on the court both ends in a floor. What a better players in the game and stuff i know people are going to be. Oh you're all the bra. No i watch lebron and motorola branca's and let me just explain because lebron over the last two to three years i the ages coming to father..

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