Panama City, Accuweather, Senator Marco Rubio discussed on WBBM Evening News


Berman dot com. Traffic and weather together on the gates every ten minutes on NewsRadio seven hundred and one zero five point nine FM and AccuWeather forecast. We have some flood warnings still in effect for the FOX and displays rivers tonight, though, cloudy and chilly a few showers around low thirty seven degrees on the WBZ AccuWeather radar. We are seeing some light rain falling right now. In Waukegan Arlington heights Jolie yet, Oaklawn and Hammond and closer to the lakefront, the rain seems to be tapering off tomorrow, windy and chilly with morning clouds. It'll give way to some sunshine, high forty eight degrees tomorrow night, clear and cold with a low of thirty two. It's forty six hair with some light rain forty-eight, midway forty eight at the lakefront under mostly cloudy skies. WBZ news time eleven twenty. Our top story this hour. Hurricane Michael devastated. Panama City in Florida and other areas of that state Senator Marco Rubio spoke to CBS's face the nation today and said he's particularly concerned about people living in rural areas of the state's deep devastation. I've lived through a bunch of hurricanes myself going back to Andrew and and here in south Florida. And what I saw in Panama City reminds me of Andrew I mean, literally there was I think the whole power grid has been shredded. We'll have much more on this story coming up on face the nation at eleven thirty. And that's just about eight minutes. WBZ news time eleven twenty one oak park junior. High students were out in the loot today on a scavenger hunt. As part of a school project. We are doing a school project to find certain things in the city of Chicago. A Yana best was with a half dozen of her classmates from Percy Julian middle school on a cold day downtown. Our main.

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