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Somebody stays outside The temperature's do dropped to 18 degrees right with snow and all of that they might not wake up tomorrow, the Snohomish County Human Services Department says of shelters. Philip Overflow area is set up at the Sky Valley Cold weather shelter in Monroe. Any homeless provider covering the cost of a cab to get there will be reimbursed. The city of Seattle is open to additional cold weather shelters through Monday morning. Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center, Bitter Lake Community Center and Garfield Community Center will be open. Have a list of Mork cold weather shelters on our website. Look for the Winter Weather Survival guide on our home page. A comb. Oh news dot com State's restaurants have taken a beating during the pandemic, but several are still hanging on a coast. Bryant Calvert reports. Some workers Now making a case to move to the front of the vaccine line. Now that most of Washington has moved to phase two in the re opening process, there are going to be more in house dining options at restaurants across the state. It also means there's more risk for restaurant workers in a mid January briefing, state epidemiologist Scott Lindquist said quote the number one outbreak category outside of long term care facilities is restaurants and bars. Get for perspective. The state calls it a restaurant outbreak. If just a single person test positive. The CDC has put restaurant workers next in line nationally. But here in Washington, it likely won't happen until the late spring. Chad Mackey, CEO of Fire and Vine Hospitality, tells the Puget Sound Business Journal. It's a shame restaurants have been downgraded by our own state. States response. We just don't have enough doses to green light. All the restaurant workers.

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