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The line becomes available eight six six six four seven seven three three seven coming up in about fifteen minutes so we megan barth live from los vegas who's a reaganbaby anna female activist from the conservative side of things also later on is phil koerppen about what happened on thursday and friday with obamacare then at the bottom the last hour rule beed grover norquist going to join me live from connecticut's dark about what happened this morning on some of the sunday morning talk shows and what's going to happen with the with the tax cuts down the road 19 minutes after the bill cunningham the great american live with you every sunday night talks six thirty nine seven we're talking with nature of that dr dennis black inventor of texas superfood on newsmakers today so i wanted to take some time here to get a little bit in depth why did you invent texas superfood while the truth of the matter is i was really very sick i had been diagnosed with stage for kidney cancer it already sprinted lymphatic system and the doctors informed me that chemotherapy and radiation just worn and option i was told that i had just months to live as you might imagine that was a very frightening time in my life i spend a lot of time in prayer and deep thought and then one day i reflected on the words of my grandmother she said you are what you eat so eat what god made for you there's power in your fruits and vegetables and it was those words that really started me on a pass to heal my own cancer and by god's grace i've been cancerfree now for over thirty years and honestly i can't remember when i ever felt better so are you saying the texas hooper food will cure illness disease and cancer i am absolutely not saying that okay what i am saying is that eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of vine ripened fruits and vegetables can go a long way into improving your body's natural ability to heal itself i'm pretty sure that the american heart association merck cancer society your doctor.

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