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Brian Murphy for the junior giants car donation program. I get to see how junior giants changes kid's lives. Every day junior. Giants is an award winning program that teaches life skills to boys and girls in northern California. And when you donate your car, your donation supports local kids right here in our own communities and donate easy. Just call eight hundred eight one eight fifty two twenty three or visit us at JR giants dot org slash car. If you are looking to sell your car auto nation will buy it. Yeah. Cars trucks SUV's auto nation. We'll buy your vehicle, plus they'll get you. A check on the spot. Good as cash, and you can take advantage of hassle free online financing to just bring your vehicle to any autonation showroom. Their experts will give you a top dollar offer in as fast as thirty minutes and offer so good. It's guaranteed for seven days or five hundred miles at any autonation store. Coast to coast, all that's needed is your title or loan payoff. Details and auto nation will take care of the rest. That means you get a fast fair and guaranteed offer on your car, truck or SUV, and you walk out with money in your pocket that same day. You don't even need to buy a new car from them auto nation will buy your car, no hassle. No back and forth. No purchase necessary. Don't wait. Hurry in today to find the autonation store near you or to appraise your car online. Visit autonation dot com. Fischel healthcare provider of the San Francisco Giants and sponsor of the seventh inning stretch. So feel better every time you join.

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