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Yourself all my advisory for work. We also have a survey. Can we have attorneys? College shove McGovern. The college Wendy Kuni. Also college parts, they trooper they keep instructors on what they should be teaching what they need what they're still and they're interviewing they're junior senior here. Freshman you're building a folio. Time they hit junior year, your portfolio's almost complete. So they have a resume. They have a cover letter. I mean, and they sit down as they were going for job, and they sit down and talk to somebody like yourself or an attorney and you'll go in just like, you wouldn't interview introduce themselves. They'll look at their portfolios questions and they're scored on it. One of the big on. We score them on our interview still be as short. By the time. They're seniors work on that scale again, and they're very attuned. It's impressive to see these kids. Young adults. They go to mistaken view now. And most of the times. They do very well in it a couple of kids a little nervous here and there, but for the most part, they don't do very well. And he, you know. Disrupters to come in and do this. Well, very impressive. What they do. Right. Case you're just tuning in. You're listening to all this blue and AM nine seventy the answer. If you're interested in joining our growing team sponsors where you have a question or comment. You Email me at all as blue nine seventy meal dot com. We're talking to detective Lieutenant Dennis McCarthy overseas and teachers to law and public safety program at the Sussex county technical school sport in New Jersey. Now, Lieutenant who is talking to us from his classroom with the students present explained it in detail of these this unique course, and which telling me Lieutenant is you have a lot of support from local law enforcement. The fact that you you mentioned some some individuals that come down to your program. And I think you would agree that one of the big things that law enforcement does from around. The field is is build relationships. Good relationships with their bad relationships assert. It's our ability to communicate everything we do is is relationship building. And for the students that. This young age this type of exposure from a lot of officers. I know some of the names that you mentioned and their officers were quite a lot of years. So they have a lot of experience and to have those type of people coming in to speak to him is pretty impressive. Yeah. It's really a valuable experience for the students when your guest speaker in. It's not meet Babylon about some business talking about. So I'll bring an expert in the field. Jay said, the support local law enforcement sport, a PD has been a big supporter of us. They'd come in on different topics. Herbstreit out Sussex county sheriff. We go to jail on tours of the Ken in Morris county jail to protect the jail system. So the kids see two different types of correctional facilities indoor PD one of the students. His father's achievement. Handover? They come there. Assistance within each fire department. They come around and talking to Snoop's we've had firefighters from Newark flash. Tired state trooper Jerry Lewis came in polyglot becomes talked about polyglot crew is also do a mock trial. That's a contest were we compete against other stuff extended schools, if you will at the county level, you move on to the regional level and state level. So or students have participated in that so interested in being attorneys. There's a lot of things do vary. The students interest on you. Provide me with a sheet that kind of leaves out your program, and what you do for the ninth and tenth grade, and I just want to read one sentence out of this. But about it says students will learn about the development of leadership skills walks flooring options to participate, skills, USA and other competitive opportunities splinters with skills USA is. USA is a program all students at Sussex tech for USA and your motto school job leading your praying student, of course, would be. Career, gap, or the gap. Everybody wanted to send their kids to college. Everybody says, you know, you have to go to college. We're finding out now that a lot of these jobs don't require college having this. Yeah. Yeah. With auto mechanics with HVAC. Officers.

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