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Pro football talk, you know? And so I mean, it's a different corporate structure and the concerns that NBCUniversal have, I think, are different than Disney, not saying they're better, they're worse. They're just different. And so that was also really important to me to be able to continue that and NBC said, not only will you continue it, will help support it. Yeah. It's very interesting to me and I don't want you to comment on this. I'm just gonna throw this out there for my listeners. Just sort of evaluate it. There's part of me that thinks, okay, you're the top fantasy guru and have been for a long time. ESPN maybe should bend the rules and to keep you. And then on the other hand, NBC, ESPN is very different from NBC that ESPN has a billion personalities talent, whatever. Where do you want to use? So if they open the door for one, they got to open the door for everyone that becomes a dis so I get, I get the situation there. So tell me, so we'll be seeing you on football night in America in the studio every Sunday Night as part of that show. About once a month, I'll travel with the so I'm going to split some time between 75% of the time I'll be in studio about 25% of the time I'll be on the road. I know that I'll be in, I will be in LA on the field for the opening night game, bills at ram. So I'll be it SoFi. I think I will be at there's a, albeit the chief's Buccaneers game in week four, I'll be at I think there's a there's a cowboys eagles game and week 6. I think I haven't memorized the schedule yet, but I think I'll be there. You're a full fledged member of the show, which is what you want it. That's great. I'm in the cast photo. Tomorrow, Jimmy, I am tomorrow we're doing we're doing individual headshots and we're doing the cast photo and I'm in the cast photo. Now, I don't know where they're going to line me up. They're probably going to line me at the very end. But I'm in the cast photo. You know what I mean? Like it's one of my take is it's like, you know, there's going to be Maria Taylor and Tony Dungey and Jason Garrett and, you know, and like I'm in the cast photo and I think for somebody from a, you know, have a fantasy person who is like, and it's not hidden. Like we're not trying to like, you know, oh, he's an analytics guy, which I am, but you know what I mean? Like it's like, it's pure on like, I'm a fantasy guy, and I'm this is part of our coverage. I'll just tell you one quick anecdote here, Jimmy, and then ask me whatever you want. But the very first day at NBC. I came in, I came here to Stanford, and the legendary Sam plot, who's the executive producer of all of NBC sports. And I got walked into a conference room. And there's probably like 25 of the monkey muckety mucks at NBC sports. And they went around, they introduced me, you know, and this is who introduced it. Fred was there, right? You know, the legendary Fred go to LA who produced his Sunday Night football and produced in the Amazon Thursday night as well. So it's like a little who's who of NBC sports in this room. To welcome me to the team and for me to ever get to know the one. And Sam just says, I want to take a moment here to welcome Matthew berry to NBC sports. He is, he's going to be a part of our NFL coverage. I just want to be clear here. Fantasy and betting are part of our NFL coverage in Matthew as the guy. Right. And I was just like, I'm blown away by that, you know what I mean? Sure. Thanks. Sounds like it's not a separate, it's not a separate thing. It is, it is part of our it is a part of how we cover the NFL here at NBC. Gotcha. All right, I'm going to move on from the ESPN NBC thing. I want to get into the business of fantasy and betting because I find it answering, like I said, you're known as the fantasy guru and have been for a long time, but you've mentioned several times that you're going to be part of the betting coverage. Could you, I mean, could you have believed when you got into this? This day would come where NFL pregame shows are embracing betting coverage. It's still hard for me to believe. It is. I'm surprised I'm not. I'm surprised in a sense like again, like I'm old enough to remember when a fantasy football convention was canceled because it was going to be held in Vegas. Right. You remember that? Yeah, Tony Romo. Tony Romo's fantasy football convention was supposed to be in Vegas and it got canceled because Annabel players were going to appear at a Las Vegas convention center. And they felt still just NFL players being in Vegas was problematic. And now there's an NFL team in Las Vegas. So I'm surprised in that sense, like from that moment that, you know, within the last whatever it was, 6 or 7 years, we went from, you can't even appear to fantasy convention in Vegas to, you know, here's the halftime show presented by DraftKings, vandals, Caesars, bed MGM, pick your, you know, whoever it is, right? Points bad, blah, blah, blah. So on and so forth. So that's shocking to me. On the other hand, like the NFL is then how smart, right? I mean, the NFL, you know, the NFL is great at a lot of things. One of which is driving revenue. You know, in the NFL, you know, they're sitting here going like, here's how the landscape is and the tone of the country has changed. I think the point of view on sports betting has changed with the overturning of paspa and other sports doing it as well. And I think there was just, I think, the NFL, again, I definitely do not want to speak for the NFL. But my, you know, whatever view from the cheap seats here is that the NFL looks around and says, okay, you know, perception of sports betting in America has changed. It is that we've done the studies. We realized like our fans really care about this. This is a way for them. It's another way for them to engage with our product. And so in a, you know, in a smart measured way, we should embrace this. And it's also, by the way, a huge revenue opportunity for us. The NFL is great at making money. You know, they are. Yeah. Inflation is running hotter and returns are cooling down. Is your financial plan primed for a changing environment? Every week on the wise investor show, we discuss the latest financial trends and what investors need to know about them. 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