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He identified he identifies himself as a boy still. The guy's almost 40 years old. He's driving kids around his little karate van. What's the point of that? I mean, I know today the gender pronouns you can identify as whatever you want to identify yourself as, but the fact that he's still identifies as a boy is a complete joke. After all the dance, man. Pretty good nice guy. He holds a karate school. Come on, man. He can't please. So he's a nice guy. Oh, what is this the ultimate ceilings championship? Is the ultimate? That's the line of the day. So who do you think wins the fight? Him go at burners. I don't know. I don't care. You know, I'm only focused on what's ahead of me. I'm focused on Marty juiceman. I'm focused on, you know, the world title fight, no matter. I'm fighting for the world title. Dana said it, hunter Campbell, he's already came to me and said it. So whether Marty juice may, you know, wants to retire and give up his belt because he's scared to fight me because he's a coward or not. I'm fighting for the world title and whoever steps in there, they're gonna get destroyed. Wow, you know, listen, so everything you said you've done. So a couple hiccups here and there, but almost everything. So now the picture with Amanda rebus, right? That was the one in that picture. You're talking about my Brazilian honey. Yeah, yeah. Pollyanna, what's your last name? Diana. Probably gonna be Anna. There's a picture of you guys together. She kind of has her hand close to your junk. It's like a shot. And then you put it up, and you're like, chilling with my babe or something. And then the Internet went crazy. People were like, mad at her because she's Brazilian and yada, yada. But now, are you guys together? Like, what's going on there? Dude, we're just a couple of adults, you know, and join our life Adam. You know, of course we were getting some bedroom cardio in, you know, we had to work on our cardio, make sure we got the championship rounds in, getting ready for our next fights, but you know, it was nothing more than a friendship. You know, adults having fun. Can adults not have fun and sleep together anymore. Like, what's the big deal? Okay, I got it. You guys are just now what she jealous of you and all these other girls because it seems like every time there's a fight, this you and three very promiscuous looking hot women making flight predictions. She got upset about that?.

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