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Is a gift. The team the team. That team is here. Marie just finished the news. Thank you, Marie Osborne. We appreciate that. Good morning, everybody. We've got to Dana Clark, who handles our traffic and weather and other special things like today. The movies. Movies. Yeah. You sent me a note yesterday. Maybe outside the wire today on Netflix. You know anything about it? I don't. We'll learn about it. I do not know. But Greg Russell will be with us. Yes, rustle in the eight o'clock hour. Joining us for that Brian Morton pressing all the buttons. The wizard behind the Black Curtain that says WJR. If you're watching on W dare dot commer or Facebook page or wherever and Kim on the road and Up and Adam and sending things along the way. And, of course, and Thomas is our executive producer overseeing this entire creation. Good morning job. Happy Friday. Happy Friday to you. Everybody turned their computer off, so it doesn't make that noise. Well, my name's off. Okay, sad news that I saw in some of the reading getting ready for today. Joanne Rogers, the widow of beloved Children's TV host, Fred Rogers. Has passed away A T age of 92. How long ago did Fred die? Mm. 3 2003 well in the same story so many years ago. I can't believe it was that long ago. You know, I look at Marie next to me for people who are watching on the picture, and I know not everybody is most people aren't But she looks like it's an evening and I look like it's morning in Duluth when they turn the lights on after the club. That's how you look. Yeah, it's like, Oh, what? That I was looking at? The lights came on. I was falling asleep more light into this. Oh, there you go. You have a single ring light now. Thanks. I'm surprised we haven't seen anybody used their ring like that way. Realizing that there's a camera between them and Running late, so I'm just surprised I've been somewhere there is somebody using.

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