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Later tonight and we will get to that because we have some juicy ones, Romans here serve in takes. Yeah, it's on 11th tonight. We'll see all that. Mama made it. And we're back. Let's have a Tucson and Bill is up next. Hey there. How you doing, Paul fine, bob? Hi, I'm doing great. Listen, I have a piece of information. I worked at WMC a.m. in Memphis in 1974, 5 and 6. And for one year, I also was the voice of the Memphis state tigers when the world famous Jack Eaton was during the television broadcast. Wide open. Do you recall that at all? I had, I do. I grew up idolizing Jack Eaton and, you know, that was a team we followed. My late mother was the biggest Memphis state basketball fan in the world, so I would accompany her to games. But I vaguely I had just gone to school that year. That was my first year at UT, so I probably didn't hear as many games, so were all the games on television. We did yes, we got 8 games on TV. I did the games that you see LA pepperdine. Oh, yeah. But I do remember WMC. It was 79 on the radio dial in 5 on the TV dial. That's correct. And I did the afternoon drive show for three years and then the company asked if I would be kind enough to do play by play, which I had been doing in Texas. I had done a lot of Texas high school football at that time. So when I made my move to WMC, which I enjoyed Memphis greatly had that opportunity to spend one year working in the play by play booth after Jack went to TV and I worked with the old George Kirk. Oh, my goodness, yes. I do remember him. Well anyway, I wanted to call him let you know. That is actually so interesting. I will tell you this quick story, again, your 12 11, 13, 14, and you grow up listening to somebody. And many years later, Jack started doing a show, I guess it was on that channel. I really don't remember. He started doing a sports talk show like everybody else. And his producer called me one day. And when I came up, I literally could not speak when I was on the show with him as a guest. He was I mean, we all see things differently and then you get older and you get cynical. Like, I am. But he was the soundtrack of my youth. I can assure you. Well, Jack was one of the nicest guys I ever had a chance to work with. And on many occasions when we go on the road that year, because remember, we had John Gunn who passed away at a young age. Right. We also had we also had Victor Reid at off guard. Was that the year that gene bartow was he still there in 74? No, he had gone to UCLA. No. He went to Illinois. Right. And then Wayne Gates took her. Wayne took over. Okay. Yeah, and that's who I was working with, but yeah, Marco had gone up to Illinois after he had taken one year there would be later reunited with coach barto in Birmingham and we became such close friends. That was another one bill that I hear when we became friends. Even as he was getting retired and was close to the end, it was still hard for me to believe, I'm sitting here with the coach of my youth. But then again, I was a very impressionable kid. Well, he was a very great guy. How long were you? So when did you so you were there how long, Bill? I stayed in Memphis for three years, and then I had an opportunity to go out. The California and actually do a sports stock show at KSP and Sacramento. The only reason I left Memphis because I thoroughly enjoyed the radio station and Scripps Howard was the owners at the time, which was the WMC. I worked for their newspaper in Birmingham. How great this has been to, I mean, I feel like I know you even though I've never met, but it is great to reunite. Yes, it is. And I'd like you to make a comment. And this is hypothetical. I'm a sooner, graduate of Oklahoma university. And my question is, let's say OU goes ahead and is able to knock off the next four games. And they go four to 13 and O and the committee, which I'm not crazy about this committee, decides not to put them in the let me jump in because we're out of time. I don't think.

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