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To come out tomorrow what's his name from Illinois and say look make up testimony then you may god rest him only just make it up in your own mind right right right and can't even identify where you heard it from that that many times is better than direct evidence it's just did you when she went out yesterday I actually said to myself he's a bigger idiot then I even thought that he was because I'm like who goes out he's going to get blasted this afternoon yeah yeah they don't care they don't get in the way and that's why you have to understand they're not politicians are not journalists they're all political activists not looking for the truth they have set in their mind this is the narrative and they attempt to cherry pick the evidence to prove it they can't even cherry pick the evidence to prove it in this case even cherry picking doesn't get them where they wish to be even denying the Republicans all of their witnesses and ended nine full cross examination as they have star you can go there because I could tie the whistle blower even with all of that they look like fools yeah it gives it is some I I don't I really don't know what the what the what the what the motive is or what the plan is what the tactic is except for this we'll just we'll just repeat a lie over again because if you think about it where were you know they get they get killed on social media by critical thinkers and by lawmakers who were sitting there by the way too I think it's I think it's really great that social media has allowed all those lawmakers this is the great thing about the public hearing portion of it like I said last week before they started you're not gonna be able to hide this you can't edit it on the fly it's going to be live and it's going to be torn apart and here we are so repeating it deny deny deny I ate and ate and tomorrow tonight louder I don't know that's the only thing I can think up I last week United center we said if this is all they have in their going into a public hearing they're fools yes thank you I and part of us was again they have to have something else that they're holding back right because you can't be this stupid and walk in with the to the American public and try to sell what they were trying to sell last week which we already knew and they all yes they are they're trying to sell the same life from last week it's the exact same why yeah you're right on the quid pro quo if you want to get a we do a line but would love to hear from you eight six six ninety right I tips from JJ Keller and associates incorporated on proposed hours of service rules modifying the sleeper in another proposal by modifying the sleeper birth exception drivers could split their required ten hours off duty into two periods with neither period counting against the driver's fourteen hour driving window the two periods would need to include one of at least seven consecutive hours in the sleeper birth and another period of not less than two consecutive hours either off duty or in the sleeper birth well the split sleeper change could allow additional flexibility you need to be careful of this proposed change becomes final the use of a split sleeper exception on consecutive days cause.

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