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If you looked at him, you wouldn't think he was an art guy. Let's put it that way. And he said to me, you know what, lady? You kept telling me you were going to take me out of my box, take me out of my box. He said, you took me so far out of my box. I know what to look for now that I go back in. Wonderful. And that's really all I aspire to is to take people out so when they go back in, they're going to see things differently. Yeah, and I don't think that that's a platitude that you shared at all. I think that's actually wisdom. You know, it's the things feel uncomfortable and those type of spaces because you're literally you don't have the brain slots to take in the information. So it's kind of like the same feeling one would get from being scared of the dark. It's like, well, it's because it's the unknown. It's that, but it's just a perceptual subjective understanding of what is known. And once you get in you play in that threshold, which is kind of like the middle of the street, you can actually see what's going on in someone else's yard. But it's dangerous to play in the street. Dangerous, but the rewards are pretty cool because you don't get to go there very often. That's right. That's right. I've mentioned this story probably a handful of times on the podcast, but I'm going to tell you again just because I think you would really appreciate it. Something I loved, I heard David Bowie say one time was that he knew he was innovating. And he always this feeling was really important to him is that whenever he was working on a new project a new record or whatever, that he wanted to feel specific way and when he felt this way, he knew he was really getting some more new. And he described it as if you walked from the beach into the water and he walked out just far enough that your feet were barely barely touching the ground and the water was kind of moving you a little bit. You know, that feeling of like, I have a toe tap in the ground, but I'm uncomfortable because I'm kind of being controlled by the ocean. He's like, that's the feeling I always look for. And I've always loved that. You don't know me at all, but I can't believe you just touched on this. My happiest place in the whole world is to be in the ocean. Just past where the waves break..

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