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And now we welcome the mooch. These scare Mucci will compete against Olympia. Ryan locked e and Lillo Jones Dina lo Han reality TV stars taymor Braxton and candy Burruss actor Joey Lawrence comedian, Tommy. Using what show what what shows this? This is a big brother celebrity mean girls star Jonathan Bennett NFL star Ricky Williams, William Williams elect me on the camera helmet. Whoever wrestler, Natalie even Marie and OJ. Simpson's. Former pal Kato kaylin and good news. The show will return January twenty first and Julie Chen will be there to host. Breath. You wanna take ever family off? I I I don't watch big brother couldn't tell you feels weird to me. The the notion of it. I get competition shows the rocks got one where you're pushing a big thing and fighting the other guy all the quiz stuff and the trivia stuff and the American gladiators stuff. I don't the part where people in survivors fine with the all the outsmarting waiting, everyone whatever but part where everyone's living together. Fucking and fighting. I feel too often. You know, what it feels like like you ever like at some point your life, your -partment, whatever your house, or whatever and you like walk by. And you're like you look there a window. I can see fucking neighbors. It's like, I'm looking they're fucking windows open and their curtains are open or whatever. And then they oh like the chick walks. She's like wearing a bathrooms. I know what she's up to you know. And then there's a party the cats are like, oh, I shouldn't be standing here in front of my window like looking at them. And then you've never party because what if she gets naked like, I don't know what if she's she's got a boyfriend or something or husbands to work. And then you go I'm gonna shut the curtain and being adult and come over here in masturbating crying porn. But. Staying. You're gonna get caught. No, I think there's like it's it's like, I don't know. Sometimes you see an Email or piece of information or you come across someone's note pad or something meant you oughta sociopath. You have this sort of Spidey sense of this writer is wrong. What I mean like, you should it shouldn't be shouldn't be sort of watching other people fail or fight or whatever. I that reality TV got it all just a part of it that feels a little like e got your hands a little dirty with this too. I just I think the point of this show was, you know, it's just instead of a physical experiment. It's a psychological experiment, but I've never seen it. I don't know. How far they actually take that. It seems honestly to me it seems like a boring premise, so I don't know. How far they go with trapping you in a house on a on a movie set or whatever like, you know, when they come out when Julie Chen is on like fake grass. Right. Like, it's not a real house. Anybody? I'm not sure either. But it does it does seem like they just wanna push you the last man standing gets whatever hundred grand whatever they get to fifty fifty. All right. Let's bring it home. I'm Gina grad. And that's the news being a black man in America's too easy. Was the news with Gina grad. Cow done against coming on talk them word winner. Bill maher. Let me tell you about Tommy, John, I'm wearing my Tommy John's right now the bass don't settle for.

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