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So those are the bounce back, guys. I don't think there's any buddy we missed. I would probably just say quick one like Brandon column, I think. It's more health. Much more health than anything. And again, I think bringing color is what he is as a player as a shutdown guy with probably a little bit of a limited offensive ceiling. But I think stays healthy. He's very effective in what his role is especially on this blue line that has quite a few smaller, more playmaking guys, but whether it be with grisly or Mike Riley, I think that runs a very interesting how that kind of mix works out because we've seen it in the past with him and Tory crew, Kahlo has said it himself that he likes playing with the partner that's more of a puck moving kind of offensively minded guy and playing off of that. So you hope that he gets through a full season of the clean bill of health, no concussion issues, comic again. And becomes that effective pKa on that team because they desperately need him the way this decor is kind of set up for this upcoming season. Agreed. Agree, that's a good one. I didn't think of him. But you're right, absolutely health wise. Hopefully he is fortunate for him back to full health and not dealing with the issues he had lingering around last season. So you can expect these guys to have, again, bounce back years. Anyways, that is this episode of Bruce be kind of before you go. What can the listeners look forward to over at BSG? Yeah, we just did a nice breakdown of Tomas hurdle rumors. This past weekend on Boston sports journal will be looking at more to line up questions, maybe look at Lena's Omar and what bruns are expecting from him. Bruins also have their upcoming golf tournament this week, and we will be in person doing interviews with players once again for the first time in tense much 2020. So that would be good. Yes, as they had the tables. Remember they're the tables. Exactly. So we will have will be onsite there, getting into views with whoever's available to talk to us. I'm sure we'll finally get some actual tangible news, looking ahead to training camp. So we'll have all that stuff over at BSG. So subscribe at buses fortune dot com. If you want to follow me on Twitter, you can do that at Connor Ryan, underscore 93. Go to all that for seal on this media. I'm in oscillate. You burns be listeners, have a great rest. Every week..

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