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To you from circus sports book, of course, it is presented by bet MGM drama in the baseball world. Tampa Bay. We don't have a no no. We got a perfecto. We do. Through 8. How many pitches has Rasmus and drew Rasmussen through 8 innings, by the way, 6 strikeouts, no hits and no walks, perfect game only 79 pitches. 79. We are in a break, though, I think a pitch and change for the Orioles, by the way, raised her up for a couple of days. Yeah, yeah, giving them a little more time to think about it. And was just thinking about, actually, I was thinking about during the break, I was like, how many perfect games have there been? There have been 23 officials. Wow. In Major League Baseball, I know the no hitter has kind of lost a little bit of its luster. But the perfect game, yeah, and drew Rasmus and just on point all day with the Orioles, so I'm trying to think the last perfect game, I believe, was king Felix. It sounds like back in back in 2012. I think that was the last one. Yeah, it is. About one a decade. Yeah. And I mean, here we are on the verge of getting another perfect game. So we'll keep you updated there. And we're talking individual perfect games, of course, not the multiple pictures. In 20 12, you're spot on producer Ellie Bowman with the info. August 15th, is that correct, Elliot? August 15th, 2012. Yeah, king Felix. So you gotta go ten years. You gotta go have a full decade before you had the last perfect game. So we're embarking on that right now again, bottom 8 won out for the race, so some time to sit in that dugout and wait to come out for the 9th to the golf and back to the governor we just had Rex agard on the golf channel fantastic info there on the grounds at saint Jude's. And will's Al tours, we talked about him breaking through. If he wins today, he jumps up to number one in the FedEx. He would overtake Scotty scheffler who did not make the cut this weekend another rough days for Scottie is the world number one. So Willie Z really not only just winning and breaking through in the PGA Tour, which is just a matter of time, but hopping up to number one in the FedEx. And xylitol. By the way, minus two 50 to go ahead and get this done. Step Strata, the second choice 7 one. He is at 12 under only even bar on his front 9 a day. The first guy that more than likely is going to post is Lucas Glover who is currently playing 18. He is 13 under par and I believe Glover 12 to one Morikawa one hole behind him at 12 under here. He's got a 14 to one. Yeah, I think you gotta get the 13 with any chance, Brian Harmon, still very much in this mix to a 12 underbar. He's got three holes left to play. He, I believe at bed MGM, I'm seeing 12 to one. Everybody's either the favorite like xylitol is minus two 50 or kind of in the teens, then you drop down to Tony fi now 30 to one, Andrew putnam 33 to one draymond X, JJ spawn 40 a piece. And I know our buddy Matt humans who's one of those ride or dies with Willie Z as well. They're waiting to get. He was a very, to be honest. He was a very popular pick this week. There are a lot of people that like will sell it to us. I know. I'm on him. I think Matt humans is on him, Matt Brown, from prime time action, also on him. I think maybe even Kelly bidden. Wow, producer, a prime time action. So that would be a nice community win for Visa nation. I think if will's outdoors gets this stuff. Yeah, it looks like, again, we'll see how one chutney, but Lucas clover is going to run out of holes. He's on 18. So you would think right now, Lucas has got to be thinking about birdie on 18 to post 14 under just a match wills Al tours. He's got pretty much what 8 holes still to play. Let's get to a little preview for tonight's action because we do have one more NFL game on the site. That's the Vikings taking on the Raiders out here in sin city. And this number is ballooned up. You mentioned both the side and the total have gone up. Now, the proclivity here is the overs are caching at a really good rate so far in the preseason. But and you know, we've got guys here and you got to get the newsletter and even a guy like Steve Mac and it has said the key numbers for him and the preseason. The data shows once you get over that threshold of 37. Yeah. Normally, traditionally, the number is going to play to the under. It's getting, it would have been inflated. So if you didn't get the best of the number and I think you're great about this in the network, saying don't chase those numbers. Yeah. It's now ballooned up to 37 and a half and the side has gone up to 5 for the Raiders. Would you stay away if you didn't get the better of those two numbers? Well, I mean, if anything, I wouldn't chase the number, I would play against it, and that might be what I do. I might take the Vikings here actually a plus 5. Kirk Cousins, gonna miss due to COVID-19 protocol, so it's going to be Sean Mannion and Kellen mon, basically playing a half a piece between the two of them, not sure how the other starters are being handled a handle, but I think probably the majority at least of the first stringers probably going to be held out without cousins available. You look at the Raiders, Derek Carr, unlikely to play, devonta Adams, on a Renfro, Darren Waller max Crosby. So, you know, I know what we saw with the Raiders because betters like to see what they saw last year. And they looked very good in the first week of pre season against Jacksonville and we expect that offense is going to be very good. And one of the reasons they probably look very good is because Jarrett did them look very good. And Jared Stidham is not going to guy it's going to be a sea any action really in the regular season if Derek Carr doesn't get hurt. But Jarrett Stidham has been in that system with Josh McDaniels up there in New England. So there's something to be said for that and he looked clean there and he looked like he knew what he was doing. So I think there's something to be said from that, but yeah, this line really just looking at this. You know, maybe chase garbers is going to play the fourth quarter like he did last week for the Raiders, but I don't think it's been officially announced, but they're betting it like car is going to play here. So if he is going to play. It's going to be a series. Yeah, it's going to be like a series. He said, yes. And you know, yeah, he might lead him down on a drive like mahomes did, or it's going to be a three and out, and it's like, okay, buddy, we're not worried about it. Go ahead and sit. So yeah, it's going to be Stidham and Mullins for the Raiders pretty much by and large garbers may do some cleanup in the fourth quarter. And then it's going to be manion and mon for a half a piece. So yeah, I like this line is a little bit high and just looking, obviously, and as high as 5 and a half, I think at some places in the market, let me double check, yeah, 5 at bet MGM, there is a couple 5 and a halfs, though, out there here in Las Vegas and at a couple of far away places. You know, that's almost one where it's like, you know what? I'll take my chance. That's such a big number for the pre season. So small play for me on the Vikings plus 5 and a half. I'm with you there. I know that you and our producer Elliot Bowman got home yesterday on the colts first half in that preseason game with the bills. And I don't believe they ended up winning the game. I think the bills came back to build a late field goal, even though at first and you know, I know because these games are stacked up and look, you know, people were pointing out to me as if I don't know on the Twitter machine. Well, they want to show the starters for all these teams. I'm like, yeah, I know, but if you're gonna have a game and people have invested three hours in watching that game, at least do a split screen and show the conclusion and they finally did that. I felt bad for poor Colleen wolf at the NFL network because she's I don't control this. I'm just in the studio with David Carr here breaking down the games and doing the highlights. I felt bad for hurry because she got she got a lot of grief from the Twitter machine, not for me. Because I didn't direct my eye that way. But the point is, certainly, if you're gonna watch a movie, you wanna stick around and see how it ends. Perfect game now over in Tampa Bay, I'm Matteo with a lead off double. Drew Rasmus and though, he's gonna let Kevin cash gonna let him try to finish out and get out of a gym here is they're gonna get one out, but Matteo advances the bird so no perfect game, but nevertheless, 6 strikeouts just one hit, Rasmussen, I believe at like 81 pitches right now. So let him finish the game. Do we bear any of the responsibility? Does Elliot our producer take any responsibility? Digging up the numbers for the last time we had a perfect game ten years ago. I caused enough trouble in life. I don't want to bear responsibility for that down there in Tampa, but nevertheless, jolly good show from drew Rasmus and as he gets the standing ovation from the crowd there at the drop and of course in the dugout as well. So yeah, they're going to

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