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Francisco are each about 60. The mayor says the constantly changing rules from the governor making it hard for companies to stay in business. Kevin Faulconer says the challenge of keeping people safe while maintaining employment is being hurt by the new regulations, and San Diego needs more local control. These are job we're talking about. These are people's lives we're talking about. This is not just some policy debate or discussion. This is how do we keep people employed? How do we keep people safe? And not the whipsaw fect of your open your clothes? Your open your closed that's unsustainable, so the more we can do Clear, the more we can say We're doing it right in San Diego, give us the flexibility to continue to do the right thing that is going to serve us well, not just for the short term, but the long term, the mayor saying Sandy was held together with a unified message in the region has taken the virus seriously. Jack Cogan knew we'll be talking to the mayor this morning at 8 11 about what he says or those changing rules and that wish for local control What that would look like. San Diego State University, says 13. Additional students have tested positive for covert 19 after four cases were reported last week. CSU says the majority of the cases involved students who live off campus and none attended any in person classes. But student Luis Lopez tells reporting partner 10 news. I steal a lot of people going to like parties and sounds going on. I see groups of people walking out any mass and social distancing. Three cases involve students who live on campus and two students are in isolation on campus. The other student is isolated off Campus university has since hired a private security company to look for covert 19 policy violations on campus and in the surrounding areas. The mayor says parking enforcement has been delayed through September. As the pandemic continues. The city of San Diego is going to continue to not enforce things like street, sweeping meters commercial zones until at least October 1st handicap parking and red zones, however. They will be enforcing. Ah, legislative approved trifecta last night in Sacramento. Maybe 30 to 16 provides labor protections for laid off employees, including janitorial Airport Hotel Event center and building maintenance Workers. Assembly Bill 18 67 provides two weeks of supplemental paid sick leave for full time workers who are unable to work after being exposed to the Corona virus. And maybe to 76 raises the amount Californians can borrow penalty free from their employer sponsor retirement accounts if they've been financially impacted by the Endemic. Dan Noone Kogo news. The White House is being urged to embrace herd immunity to combat the coven 19 pandemic by one of the president's top medical advisers. Herd immunity entails allowing the virus to spread through most of the population to quickly build resistance to it. The suggestion has been floated by Scott Atlas, a neuro radiologist from Stanford's Hoover Institution. He's pushing the US to adopt Sweden's response to the outbreak. Which has been widely criticized by health officials around the world. Brian shook NBC News radio. Attorney John Pierce says that charge won't stick that firearm never crossed state lines. That is a legal firearm in the state of Wisconsin, Wisconsin is an open carry state. That charge is incorrect. As a matter of state law, a 17 year old, he was legally entitled to have that firearm in his possession. Rittenhouse was reportedly part of a militia group that was defending a car dealership from potential rioters. He also faces to first degree murder charges and one attempted murder. Johnny Depp is requesting a delay in the upcoming trial for his defamation lawsuit against his ex wife, Amber heard The actor has requested that the trial be postponed due to a scheduling conflict for fantastic B three filming set to resume next month, and it's estimated to end in February. The trialist set to run from January 11th 2 January 28th, which would have worked for his schedule if the movie had not been delayed due to the pandemic. The actor is suing Heard for $50 million for what she wrote about him in a Washington post op ed that was published in 2018..

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