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I hear some of the holdings I think the support when James Comey was removed as FBI director call me still it copies of memos two four six and seven it is personal safe at home after being removed as director call we did not report to the FBI that he had copies of these memos home we subsequently provided is copies of members two four six and seven to the office of special counsel Robert Muller on June seventh twenty seventeen so you gave them to Bob molar but eating given to the F. B. I. Olympia yeah I know we still have him then call me did not seek authorization from the F. B. I. before providing members two four six and seven to his attorneys then call me instructed right Richmond one of his other attorneys this year the contents of the memo memo for but not the memo itself with a specific reporter for The New York Times called me did not seek F. B. I. authorization before providing the contents of the memo through the lawyer to a reporter this was a middle of a conversation he had with the president of the United States it kinda gets overlooked in this I was in these are conversations you had with the president absolutely Sir one of the things that we should keep in mind is James Conway a duty to the FBI he owed a duty to the D. O. J. he actually should have complied with his employment agreement and it's clear beyond a full question that he owed a duty of at least worth back to the president of the United States who had the power to terminate him and who was justified in terminating a James call me I think if you look at the I. G.'s report it is littered with evidence which suggests that James calmly complied with only one forty that was the authority that he made up in other words James call me acted as a law unto himself and I think it's good for the American people but he is no longer in an official capacity I am gonna be today we're taking vocals one eight hundred six eight four three one one zero eight hundred six eight four thirty one ten Leo and technical aid should calling from Illinois online to Asia welcome to J. secular live you're on the air hi I just like to know thank you for taking my call but he possibly lose his pension for this what's interesting question because they said he violated his employment agreements I thought about that I mean what does so what is the impact on the employment agreement with regard to if you breach your employment remit what is that to do with your retention for your retirement I don't know the answer to that I don't know what the employment laws ought to go back to McCabe was like he missed it by like a date he didn't best automotive assessing even though he was gonna get fired yes it even if he would have been fired if you would and fired like a week later he still would have got his pension I think some call me may have worked there long enough that you qualify you qualify even though he was fired and now the question would be is because he could be fired but does which would not necessary because the present could out of course that the constitutional right to barge into me right because it's right by the way based on these reports of constitutional reasons and became was fired by the F. B. I. directly yeah at a recommendation per sponsored bill you the day before he vested salon that's timing I think again the bigger picture here and it is worth being upset about is that Jim Comey is doing a dance right now one I'd I'd like to hear like Hillary Clinton like I I can't imagine she so happy about this I wonder he is he's really doing because it's not a lot of hits call he's not stupid he knows that this stuff is still but a lot of investigation still coming not from him his tweets use his own name in the tweets there from his lawyers so when you tweet like Jim tell me is not DO J. I. G. found no evidence the comb years attorneys released in the class were you wouldn't tweet that from your own account if you were too easy I got it you know I mean this morning the self is holding his own name so these these are so fully crafted like what they have to because it does not come I was asking for a public apology because I don't need one but a quick message would be nice yeah so he does not let me give you a quick message I'll give you a quick message hopefully see in court here thing here here's a quick message the double F. B. R. the proper justice concludes a James Cummings retention handling dissemination of certain memos violated apartment FBI policies and is that B. I. employment grew it there's Michael short message you're a bad FBI director Jim coming back and that's how I will remember you yeah that's right I mean tell something again I I ask you get you get reaction from senator Graham what else we got I I think they think that James Comey is engaging in distraction Jay I mean he wants to talk about how none of them had a secret classification well here's the top line take away that members of Congress should focus on two of them were classified as confidential and subject to federal law retention all of them were dean to for official use only and subject to federal attention he hid them in a safe did not request permission to keep them did not tell them he kept them and then leave them for an official purpose I think he's trying to distract you from that NJ one other quote I would read to you from the reports on page sixty one officials who are described as his senior leadership team which in other places the report that refers to people like injure McCabe James for Becky James Baker Lisa page they say that the closest advisers used the words quote surprised stunned shocked and disappointment to describe their actions learning what you call me that day those are people who are willing to use their official purposes for political purposes and this even shocked them yeah Andy McCarthy said this take a listen if somebody in call me is agency had done what he did he did terminated in nothing flat so there you have it so this is not a win for James call me I mean I think that's it you know he's trying to spend a lot is being very careful because you know there's other investigations going on here but he violated FBI policies and he did that by the way with Hillary Clinton destination he did it with this man he has a pattern of violating F. B. I. rules and regulations a serial violator abreast of regulations and policies of the FBI I think you're precisely cracked and so again if we look at page sixty one of the report the I. G. states as follows we have previously faulted combing acting unilaterally and inconsistent with department policy Colby's on authorize disclosure of sensitive law enforcement information about the flame investigation merit similar criticism in a country built on the rule of law it is of utmost importance that all FBI employees and here to department and FBI policies particularly when confronted by what appeared to be extraordinary circumstances or compelling personal convictions how many had several other lawful options for instance available to him to addict advocate for the appointment of a special counsel which was his goal in making these disclosures but of course he chose an unlawful option I know it's it's it is mind boggling a what happened here I mean I just I keep going back to that it's my my light let's go ahead and take another phone call eight hundred six eight four thirty one ten yeah Whitney calling from Texas online for Whitney welcome to J. secular live you're only about the this is the art that what he's talking about the HHS when we had yes I go and Winnie yeah I think so much I just wanted to let you guys know this is already having a ripple effect in my family okay I've got a senior in high school who is applying to nursing school and we've had the conversation you're going to be in situations that challenger conscious you're going to be in situations that might even violate your affect how you can handle that and last night we were able to have a conversation Hey there is a precedent for you to be federally protected so she's she's really a lot more confident going into her field we also have it in the family who is a surgical nurse in California who has been dead been denied employment before because she's made it clear in the interview process I won't perform abortions in the past they've said thanks but no thanks all right I guys put the legal helpline number I want to make sure we give that to which we don't give it out right now over there because of her and wants to contact us about you know everything just go to a seal J. out or contact is the best way to do it yeah okay because against this is what we're talking about people being denied employment because they thought they exactly surgical nurse highly trained is it your but I have a conscious object in objection to performing abortion and by the way there's a federal law that protects her and you cannot decide not to hire that person based off their their a decision not to perform abortions that's the same kind of violation Whitney what you're talking about is is is great because now your daughter knows that she has a federal law protecting her it's not it's not just the idea it's not just like a rule or precedent even it is a federal law that is now being enforced so since you have a law that sat there since nineteen seventy three now it's being enforced so you get the law plus the presses and so with the that is great news for you I mean this is already having effect you see people are hearing about this is a no this is exactly why we added this you've got the air who did not get hired to surgical nurse a very high level nurse because she said I will not perform abortions she can go to a seal J. dot org Whitney and contest we can that we can help her out that's we want to do with this and folks we want to build a huge campaign I just another battle for life it's like you know sometimes you secure fighting every battle you care for the pro life cause and in a completely new door opens up yeah and it was art very smart legal team in the pro life that works are pro life cases it open this door Frank minion who I was emailing back and forth with until I think about three in the morning last night about this case going back and forth because I know it's gonna go on fox in the morning one to make it is to sync as possible so that people that heard this understood the attraction look let's take this to the next level folks but to do it got to have your financial support let me tell you something this was a monumental win for the a CLJ you beat back the IRS that was a monument to when you get HHS to insist that concentrates be protected these are major what's yours we are in the last hours.

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