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More than seventeen tons of cocaine at port Everglades in Broward County today, the wholesale value of the drugs, it's estimated at four hundred and sixty six million dollars. The offload represents twenty one interdictions of drug smuggling vessels off the coast of Mexico and central and South America. President Trump is set to deliver the annual state of the union address tonight. White House press secretary. Sarah Sanders says the theme for this year's speech is choosing greatness. I think you're gonna see an incredible speech by the president a visionary speech. The president's gonna lay out some of the great successes that we've had over the last two years, President Trump and the first lady are announcing the special guests. They are bringing to the state of the union address tonight, a boy who was bullied for having the same last name as President Trump will be in attendance. Joshua Trump is a sixth grader, and we'll be the guest of first lady, Melania, Trump other guests include fathers of three victims from the parkland shooting last year. Andy Pollock the father of meadow Pollock who was shot on that Valentine's Day. We'll be the guest of Florida Senator Rick Scott, I know get Nicole from his chief of staff saying that he's got me a ticket. And he wants me to come up. She. I'm honored that Senator Scott. Let's think about me to come up there. They only get one ticket and Alice Johnson will be there. She was serving a life sentence on drug charges, but President Trump granted clemency last June. After reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Brought her case to his attention. We will carry the state of the union speech and the rebuttal from Stacey Abrams live here on fifty W F T L, but I join us at Aaron's table and wine bar and Jupiter for our state of the union watch party from seven till nine Arizona nurse charged with raping and impregnating and incapacitated woman is doing court today. Nathan Sutherland is accused of raping a comatose woman who gave birth to a baby boy on December twenty ninth. His attorney says he will plead not guilty, despite the fact his DNA match the DNA of the baby. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are taking a.

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