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Name more than you every week you every week. As soon as we're done, we tally them up and I always two to one time. Yup. The perfect crime walked right into high Tom trap. Yeah. How are you doing this week? I'm doing. I'm doing bad. Good. How are you doing this week? Also bad. Cool. But I have a proclamation to make. I decided what the treat of the summer is. It's August, it's mid August. Yeah. Okay. The time the perfect time because I've actually evaluated it, evaluated all the treats available on offer and now the almost over. So Simon to crown winner. It's not. It's not, you know, they reflect on the summer like the song of the summer is the song that you listen to throughout the summers. Ding died at the end. The The thing. thing. Why? Now I sometimes what's the song of the summer this year d'esposito. No, jam that songs old. Yeah, but it's a, it's a juggernaut it'll never. I mean always be a famous song. Yeah, but it's always be the song of the summer. No, Don Henley comes back with. Don Henley's big, hit boys of summer boys, boys of summer. Oh, nine, right. Hm, nine. He released next year. He could make the song of the next year. Two thousand nine. The nineteen. I mean, just the last digit. Song of the summer nine, the treat of the summer, Tom degree to the summer, Tim is attacking ISIS. What what made you look? I'm not saying I disagree. I've in all of summer twenty eight teen. I confess I have not had an Italian, what, However, whatever. I went to the scene of the crime. We say, we wouldn't go back there. No, it's fine. I just needed to to make sure that we got rid of all the evidence. Okay. No, I went to the pool that we went to children where you were. Yeah, and that's where I ate tons of Italian eye since you know what they sell their instead. Now why some merchandise relates time as head lifeguard the head lifeguard. I was like, unofficially, the headlights. So the answer a new you were not headlines paid like I was, but you were not. You weren't in charge of any. Know many respected, you know, everybody respect me. They was like the last head lifeguard. He did something bad. So they were like are no more. Was it like the first season of the sopranos where Tony was really the boss, but he let everybody think junior the bus? No, I let everybody know. I was a boss. I told him I was a head lifeguard even though I technically wasn't. So it was just you walking around lying everybody half of the day. I would also go for a swim. A lot of times in the nude non, the nude import shorts, man. Anyway, board shorts. I wear. Lifeguard sued the full three piece of. Three piece. Yeah, three piece suit, no lifeguard suit. It's one piece. It's a unitards. Nice. Yeah. I went back to to that pool the village where we grew up and I brought my wife as the style. When you're married, you bring your wife did things. And I was like, oh, you're gonna love this neck bar. They gotta talion ISIS. They've got Andy capp's hot fries and they got Laffy taffy. They had Laffy taffy. No, Andy CAPP tat hot fries. And I'll tell you the other thing they have back there is dry ice that if you throw a couple of bucks. Or like they're distracted. He can take some of the dry ice and dangerous experiments with it. Tom, your feisty this week, I'm calling this early every episode every every episode, early every sentence. I've tried to say, you've interrupted on this. I'm over needs. Some tips. It had tips. You can buy dry set that place. Explain continue with your proclamation about. Proclamations been made. They've wind there now though, like instead of like the fun stuff, we when we were kids. I mean why it's fun..

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