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Let me go or sunshine in 2015 he directed his first film x mac which did incredibly well and is a beautiful film and now he's back with his biggest project yet annihilation is a mindbending sifi thriller with a huge cast including natalie portman an oscar isaac it also finds alex garland adapting a wildly successful novel for screen like him adapting a novel so you could say in some ways things have gone full circle for him alex garland joins me now in live and are accused ado high has gone good room glut through is a is a is releasing a film lake releasing a record in that dvd are you've filled with anticipation all this week ready for it to come no uh no i'm not uh a degree of concern probably what are you able to your well this this may be light releasing a record in some respects but film has this thing embedded into it which is that the cost is colossal gear uh it's as if you spend two years in the studio racking up the cost the gdp of a small country exactly and and then it rides on an opening weekend and although i don't personally care about that very much in terms of it being a reflection on the the quality of the film masai um i do know that in terms of getting another thing financed it becomes very significant effort and there's a limit to how many times you can lose people laura of money and keep doing it so this is count the there's there's anxiety in there but it's not it's not creative it's his business it's business anxiety as speaking at his house reading in view the other day and i love what you said i wanna point out that annihilation is based on the first of jeff founder mere southern reach novels and you said that this isn't so much my interpretation.

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