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The united nations a message these types of one sided efforts are designed to isolate in the legitimize is real house speaker paul ryan is republicans in congress are looking to punish the united nations for at security council vote condemning is rarely settlement construction they do not advance piece they make it more elusive the house overwhelmingly past a resolution last night officially disapprove of that un action and next week they're going to consider moving forward legislation to slash funding it to the world body winter weather moves from the west's to the nation's south here's sharing read about seventy three million people across the country you're getting hit by dangerous when tree whether including in places where they're not used to it than he ever see now time jake and ben bishop baldwin lives in raleigh north carolina which could see half a foot of snow from the storm that's getting the southeast this weekend georgia governor nathan deal has declared a state of emergency and authorities awarding everyone in the northern half of georgia to stop up one in the food out water to last at least three days and comedian you're an athlete now david spade is out of the hospital he was taken to a hospital on wednesday evening after his range rover was involved in a very serious looking three car crash in los angeles ca source telling us magazine it's paid was not seriously injured but is recovering at home from some aches and pains and bruises for us a radio news i'm chris barnes good morning everyone amore present follow his what's happening for boston on this friday and he likes the core player murray's where you are will come to an end will see some suns that and tend to close to present caring and hold on i'm though in nineteen nineties tomorrow clouding over quickly still breaks out around good afternoon it's in the twenties so could be bothered for timely taught them all highly not four inches old more sunday partly sunny cold little being your twenty eight forecaster and hockey by months area and frank caliendo hampshire for nobody let me just a more person forward for a long and the line nine rangers right sometimes i do the same thing children over until winding and that now i have and family manning right difference learn assign it's not just speaks dot org slash times brought to you by on leagues and the.

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