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A, cover the Laura, development Peggy west stories but we need to bring some breaking news something's going on in Cheboygan county with regard to a plane crash A plate of some sort of aircraft of some sort has gone Dowd and I'm updating right now Give me just a second just east of the, Sheboygan county memorial airport I believe that, that's a small commercial airport there that handle jet traffic now positive that but I believe it does handle JETRO This is actually adjacent to, or in, the city of Plymouth very, close to that airport in Sheboygan. There are a couple of posts and. Soda social media the plane Dow of the aircraft down it's smoke coming from the seed, now there is a social media account There's a group. Called air show, stuff are social media. Coat they track that kitties at airshows I'm going. To quote from their post we. Are sad to report that a jet has. Gone down here and Sheboygan Wisconsin at this time the only info we, will releases. That are photographers. There are safe our hearts they have you will release more info when time is, appropriate so that's a social. Media post I have no idea what the. Aircraft is does this have any connection. To the water show going on this week added Milwaukee we don't know there's been some. Sort of, an aircraft going down though on your the air strip, the airfield, in Sheboygan county I don't, have much more information than that. Let me move over to another story Remember Peggy west That's the adult Milwaukee county board member who didn't seem to know where the. Mexican border was When. She was balling got another public official. Wondering why they? Were carrying about the issue of immigration I think it might have been AirAsia was it Arizona she didn't understand. Why anybody from Urazova would care about. The immigration, issue because it's so far from the border it was the state that was odd the border which of course would either be California to Mexico would even. Peggy west could figure out, that New Mexico would have to be close, to the Mexican border you've ever heard Peggy. West not, the sharpest knife in the political drawer Peggy west at a tough campaign for reelection this past Her past. Election lost She was running I believe against Sylvie of leads. In any event There was an allegation made That she lied about. The circulation of nominating petitions A criminal charges brought against their alleged election fraud now in which apparently a charges being made that west lied under oath in these nominating petitions do require everyone of them has a certification when you sign your name on the bottom as the circulator that this is a statement of oath That. She circulated these petitions fraudulently or. That somebody else circulated the petitions. And she claimed that it, was her this is the sort of, stuff that we, have been talking, about, for some time and whatever anybody. Comes up with Eddie. Election fraud they say, oh it's not that. Big a deal it's, not that big a deal. It's not, that big a deal what when people like myself comet on the. Remarkable amount of fraud especially in Milwaukee we're always told. Well there isn't any there. Isn't any there isn't any there you're making this up you're making it up you're making up well it's hard to catch it for example somebody circulates nominating petitions have put somebody else's day about the bottom that's that easy to probe when you do catch it we better treat it seriously This is a he elected public official of the of. The Milwaukee area when we come back after the break. I want to deal with Really a shocking story that's getting some national news a very well-known prosecutor the. Milwaukee county district attorney's office, who by the. Way is about to. Become a judge is apparently under a death. Threat and now. Heavy security we'll, talk about that case but, it's.

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