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The interview steve is a pugilist northwest he thinks in big fat paragraphs and they come spewing out a mile a minute in one of the reasons we had the first world war that was led by a match down in in sarajevo is that you had this technology had kind of gotten ahead of people's ability to control it militarily right mobilization he all that is were unstoppable and as an interview subject it can be very challenging to interrupt him and get your question you get your follow up in but we have come to know steve over the last seven years of covering him is that in his mind is always going and he's always plotting his next move he's always looking for his next target and that kind of unfolds in real time as you're discussing lim and for somebody who has as long of an enemies list as steve bannon that can lead to some pretty lengthy conversations if you're in the middle of this republican civil war republican on republican violence all the time doesn't that just empower the democrats nancy pelosi in church your your dream is to have you guys tearing each other perfectly array of creative okay so number one you've seen in the house right we had this rapprochement the other day and i can't give you all the details because there's a lot of groups that are talking of the gonna do their own thing but generally was that the house is absolutely essential and must be held right must be held in so there will will were there there are no likelihood of maybe on one or two cases a three or four cases they'll be people there do challenges but generally overall we understand that the key is particularly for president trump and his supporters joe the house must be held at all costs now in the senate and hang on in the senate it's not like in mccown keep stormed back to these guys in two thousand ten the begin the tea party when some people relatively unknown people were able to win primaries and i'm a big belief that a robust primary can make a better a better challenger and because of the way.

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